I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


17. that night girl

I was in the club just for fun then last night girl came to me i thought im not gonna see her again

"It was a great night last night wanna repeat it" she asked then i yelled at her

"It was a fucking mistake i have a beautiful girlfriend now so you and your cake face should stay away from me"

"Oh honey you think you can use me for one night and after that throw me oh your wrong you will give me 20,000$ first"she said with an evil smirk

"And if i didnt"

"Then your lovely girlfriend will find out and i dont think she well be happy about it" she said and laughed

"I dont have this much of money im still a student you have to give me time "

"You have 25 days and i think its enough" she said is she crazy thats a lot of money shit but i dont want my jess to know she is gonna hate me

Jess prov

"Stop hahahah harry stop" harry was tickling me

"Who broke the remote"

"Hahaha i dont know stop it"

"Who broke the remote jess i know its you just say and your free" he said and giggled

"Me hahahaha its me " i said then he let me go after that we heard nock on the door harry went to open

"Hi mate whats up "

"Hey ,jess here ??"

"Yeah dude she is on the couch"

"K thanks"i heard them talking then he came and sat next to me

"Sup with your hair"

"Oh that just my stupid brother tickled me so much and my hair ruined from him"

"Oh anyway look if anything happened please remember that i love you and i will always do" okay now im gonna start to worry

"Um okay to be honest this is the most awkward thing that you ever told me and i think there is more to say"

"Um i cant you gonna hate me "

"I would never hate you i love you just tell me"

"Okay the day we were good the same day i woke up in ... In "

"In what where say something " what the fuck i hope what im thinking is not true

"I woke up in another girl bed necked because the Night i have a fight with you and harry i went to a bar and got drunk"

"Wait say that again "

"Jess i i cant i feel so bad for what i did I cant say that again"

"I forgive you"i said quickly

"Wait what wow i mean wow "

"Look louis you feel so bad for what you did you couldn't even repeat again and i see in your eyes how much sorry you felt and we weren't even actually together that night so its all good"

"Wow did i told you before how much i love you"

"Yes you did and i love you more"

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