I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


9. secretly dating

Louis prov:

OMG what did i just said i cant tell her the truth harry will kill me ,but i love her i dont car about harry so we went to the school basement i saw her expectation it was wearied so we sat on old school chairs that we found and i started talking.

"Ok listen i know how much harry gonna hate me for this but before o start you need to promise me that your not gonna be mad of harry he is just trying to protect you"

I said and then she nodded awkwardly

" ok so i really really live you and no it wasn't a joke harry made me say it was because he dont want us to be together"

"What the fuck i cant believe him my own brother was part of destroying my feelings ugh i just need to find him and he will see who is the angry jess styles "she said then i stopped her by grabbing her hand

"Wait he did that because of a good reason he did that because of my past becuse of the bad me so please just stay calm"

" what do you mean your past what did you do?"she said but i stayed quit

"Tell me louis" she said angry

"Look i cant that is a part that im trying to forget "

"But wait I've known you your whole life and you never did something wait did you do something without us knowing "she said

"Lets just forget that and be together "

"Harry would never let me be with you" she said and i know she is right but then i got an idea

"Its okay i mean we can date in secret until harry find out hahaha"

"Ok i guess your right so were dating ?"she said then i lend and softly placed my lips at her and she kissed back

"Is that answer your question" i said and she nodded

Author prov

Thanks guys for reading i will update as soon as i can love you and keep reading oh and something else jess is my real name and i used it her any way thank you and keep reading xox

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