I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


2. morning

Jesse prov :

"Wake up sleepy head "i heard harry as i felt wet stuff on my face ,ih he did not just do that again.

"Harry stop splashing water not every morning "

"Well thats the easiest way to wake you up"harrt said as i made a funny face to tease him up .

"Ok come on now get your lazy butt out of bed and get ready the boyes will be here in 20 minute"

I nodded as i got up and went to my bathroom i took a quick shower i brushed my teeth and then i went to my room picked my outfit and dressed up then i went down stairs to see Harry is eating the last banana yes thats right we eat banana for breakfast so i run towards him and tried to talk piece of it put i couldn't so i just gave him a sad look and went to grab a juice box yes i drink juice boxes so i drink it whilst the boys arrived so we head to the blue car other words louis car "yay louis car" i said exciting "why so much exciting" harry asked

"Well you know my favorite color is blue so its great to be in a blue care " i said then we got in the car "morning" I said as everybody said back so the ride was quit with fun music tell we get to school .

Author :

So guys i hope you liked my second chapter keep reading and if you have some idea for the next chapter just comment me .XOX

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