I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


18. meeting emma


I went home packed my bags and i was about to get out while mom or should i say Martha stopped me

"Liam honey were are you going with these bags"

"Im leaving the house im going to my real parents house i found my sister emma and i knew that you and your husband hide me from them i cant believe you guys just don't talk to me again im going to my real parents house" i yelled then went to the car i can see her crying then i remembered that they bout me this car so i went back there and gave her the keys and start walking away from the house with my bags then i calked zayn

"Hello "

"Zayn i left the house and left them their car and now im going to my real house can you please come and take me"

"Sure dude five minutes and i will be there"

"Thanks" i said then we hung up i finished walking after couple of minute zayn stopped the car next to me i got in the car with my bags

We arrived and emma welcomed me by coming outside

"Hey liam, OMG zayn hii"

She said zayn blushed wow this is the first time he blush and its wearied

"Um liam I know you told me not to but i want you to know that i called my parent and told them you came and that i told you everything and that your staying"

"Oh so how does they react"

"They were super happy and they said that they will come as soon as possible and they told me to not let you leave and stay with us from now on"

"Cool then um thanks zayn for the ride why dont you come in

Its okay if he came right emma??"

"Definitely yes please zayn come in and why dont you call your other friends to come so i can meet them i mean i dont have friends and maybe i can get along with them "

"Yeah sure im coming and me and liam will calk them now" zayn said as we got inside

"You call jess ill call the boys because jess talks a lot and i can call all the country while you just talk with her"zayn told me then emma asked

"Who is emma?"

"Oh she is our best friend also harry sister our other best friend and louis girlfriend also he is one of our best friends"

"Oh so there is girls"she asked then zayn said

"Only one but sometimes your not sure if she is a girl i mean she dont put makeup she dont were heels she love football and once we went camping together and found a sneak we all were afraid except her and we are the boys"

Emma laughed bout what happened

"Well let her invite her friends too you know like we be more than 2 girls"

"Yeah she hates girls and we are only her friends i mean she never get along with girls just us and if she doesn't look like a girl you would believe she is a dude "

"Oh thats nice?! I guess"

"Haha i know wearied but she is the best "

"Oh okay anyway call her"

Jess prov

"Come on bro we are late" oh he did not just call me bro

"Harry really if you dont wanna call me sis then call me dude not bro and im coming lets go"i said

"Fine 'dude'" he said then we got in the car and went to emma and liam house

We got there and i started knocking

"Hey let the man knock you women"

"Excuse me harry you know i can kick your ass right now right "

Then i heard laughs we looked at the door it was open and a girl with red hair stood their laughing at us

"Are you guys always like this" she said

" no just when he start acting wearied״ i said then we entered the boys were already here so i rushed quickly to louis and kisses him on the lips the boys were looking at us then i pulled away from the kiss

"WHAT??!?,its not like this is the first time we kiss"

"No its not but its the first time you kiss in front of us " Niall said

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