I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


12. louis dad

Louis prov

After what happened i skipped school i dont care whats gonna happen and i went to a club when i got there i sat in front of the bar and started drinking .

Next day...

I woke up not knowing where i am then i turned to see a girl necked sleeping next to me abd after that i realized i was necked too shit what have i done im so fucking idiot.

Then i stood up and went to the bathroom dressed up and got out of that bitch house then i went home and saw someone shouldn't i see my dad what the fuck is he doing here

"Louis where have you been last night your mother got so worried on you and she called me "

Oh haven't I mentioned this my parents divorced about 2 years ago and i dont see my dad a lot he dont even care about me.

"Oh my mom got worried so you didnt"

"No of course i did where are you going im still talking to you"he said while i was walking away then i stopped

"What do you want" i said turning to him

"I want to know where were you last night"

"I got drunk then went with a random girl to have sex with her and yes thats it"

"Do you realize what are you saying i dont want you to be like that"

"At least im not marry dad " i told him and i see the guilt on his face yes he cheated on my mom thats why they divorced also from the problems they have.

"Louis shut up you know i reject that"

"Oh so now you reject it come on dad last time i came to your house i saw you with a french lady"i said that then he slapped me on my face then i ran from the house quickly then went to zayn's place i usually go to harry to feel better but the things arent okay now

"Hi mate what are you doing here havent you got ready its almost nine we need to go to school im driving today"

"I dont feel like going wanna skip the day with me i really need a time to relax "

"Sure mate" he said then we went to a party .

Hey girls hope you like todays chapter so i want to add new characters to the story so if anyone want to be part of my story as one if the boys GF she just have to put her name her hair and eye color in a comment thanks guys for reading

Love you bey..... ;)

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