I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


15. liam is adopted?!?!

Jess prov

This is clearly the best day of my life im with louis we are good and harry is ok with it

"Sis wanna come with me and liam we are going to taco Bell " harry yelled from down stairs

"Yes just let me wear my hate"i yelled back

Harry prov

Ugh when is she gonna stop wearing hats and start to put at least lipstick i guess never

"Come on bro lets go"

"K come on"so we met with Liam there and sat down

"He mate"

"Hey"he said a bit upset i can tell that he is sad

"Umm jess you wanted to go to the bathroom right"

"No i dont ho said that i need to......."i didnt let her finish by glaring at her to go because i want to talk to liam

Then she just stood up and left the table so i can talk to liam

"Liam buddy i can tell when your sad so whats the problem"

"My parents"

"Whats up with them?" I asked wondering

"They arent my real parents they told me today that i was adopted i just "then a tear ran from his eye wow this is the first time i see him cry

"Hey look after we eat go and talk to them okay you have the address" liam nodded

After dinner ___________________________•••

Liam prov

After dinner i hopped in my car and drove to the address there was a big house i got out from the car and went and nocked on the door a girl with tears opened it to me

"Umm are you okay" i asked she whipped the tears and nodded

"Can i help you with something "

She asked

"Yes im liam your brother" her eyes widen after she heard what i said and a big smile grown on her face

"OMG liam its really you my parents i mean our parents didn't stop Looking for you" she said then dragged me inside

I saw her arm it has some cuts so is on her other

"What happened with your arms?"

"Oh i got into a small accident today because of my ex but a good guy helped me and took me to the hospital"

"Oh my god are you okay umm sorry but i dont know your name"

"Yea, and emma"

"Oh can you please tell me what happen in my past and where is our parents anyway?"

So you can see liam sister is also The girl that zayn helped and have feelings for her

Anyway thanks for reading what am i forgetting oh yes please like and favorite thank you bey

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