I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


14. im zayn

Harry prov

I woke up checked the clock shit i didnt go to school what about jess i went to check on her she wasn't in her room i yelled her name but no response then i went to the bathroom took a shower dressed up and went down staris i took a banana and ate it then i heard a car sound outside i looked from the window it was louis car and jess was in it then i see her kissing him and after that she got out from the car wait a minute KISSING HIM !!!! she open the door and interred the house

"What the fuck was that "

"What.....oh you mean me and louis yeah we are good now and harry you cant stop me now"

She said while i was about to yell at her when i saw her cheek wow i did that to her

"Your cheek"

"Yes i saw it"

Wow i hurt my twin sister no not just on the cheek i hurt her feelings im stupid i mean louis past is nothing now he changed

"You can date louis im okay with it i just want you to be happy" i said to her

"Wow harry your not drunk and saying things without thinking right"

"Hahaha no im not "

"OMG thank you your the best brother in the whole world"

Wow thats the first time she say that to me i felt so happy .

Zayn prov

The party is over i looked for louis but no one is here so i decided to go home i was driving home when i saw a crashed car on the side i stopped my car there and headed over to that car i saw a beautiful girl in it strawberry hair color with blue eyes crying in it i opened the door

"Help me please"she said crying i carry her on my back and put her in my car and sat there

"What happened" i asked her

"I was on my way home then i got a text from my boyfriend i check it quickly it says that he is breaking up with me and after that i found my self On the side of the street with a crashed car and so much pain" she said crying even harder i put her head on my chest and patted on her back

" its okay everything gonna be okay just calm down im gonna take you to the hospital now okay " she nodded then i start driving we got into the hospital and she went to a room with a nurse to check if everything is okay after that the nurse and the girl came out

"Are you okay" i asked worried

"Yes just a few cuts not more im okay "

"Okay anyway im zayn ,zayn malik"

"Im emma brandon"

"Um hey emma wanna go to lunch sometimes"

"Um sure here is my number"she said giving me a piece of paper

"Wanna a ride home"

"Yes thanks"she said smiling damn her smile make me feel a hole in the stomach what is that supposed to mean.

"Thank you bey"she said getting out of my car after i drive her

"Bey" i said then went back home

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