I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


7. im sorry jess

Louis prov :

I love her so much i dont know how im i gonna tell her that i dont its like a knife in my stomach but i have to will because in a way harry is super angry about it and he is her brother and in another way i love her and i dont want her to know what was i doing in the past


"Louis i know that your sister is dead because of a man that kidnaped her and killed her and he did stuff to her well not good stuff , but that doesn't mean that you break girls hearts by sleeping with them and after that through them" Harry said

"Well i want them all to feel a little from how my little sister felt "i told him i can see he wasn't happy about what i was doing but i dont care

End of flashback

Jesse prov :

I wake up on harry yelling at me

"Wake up you sheep head were gonna be late we will miss the bus"

Did he just said bus or im still dreaming

"Did you just said bus or im still dreaming"

"No your not dreaming now wake up and go get ready"

"Wait what why where is the boys"

"Well louis is going to be in the car so we are not going with them"

"Ugh fine"i got up went to the bathroom i brushed my teeth did my hair and i went to pick an outfit yes that's right no make up i don't put make up i hate it and there is nothing to hide my skin is pretty clear so i took a short with a blue boles i put a jays on my feet and went down stairs i took a banana and ate it then the bus arrived we ride to school

Harry prov :

I saw the boys and louis then i glared him to go talk to my sis he nodded

"Hey harry i need to talk to your sister for a minute "

"Ok" i told hem then they went behind school

Jesse pov :

I walked with louis to the back of the school i was a little surprised that harry allowed us

"Hey louis um...harry break my phone last night so i couldn't text back so im just gonna tell you that ..."he stopped me from talking

"Listen im sorry jess you are a good girl but i dont think we are good together i was joking i didnt know that you have feelings for me so sorry?!?!?!"

He said i was so angry and sad i didnt say anything i just slap him and run fast to the ladys bathroom and started crying

"Jess is that you " i heard harry saying behind the door

"Harry this is the girls bathroom why are you here"

"I dont care just come out the manager wanted to see us and the boys for skipping school yesterday "

"Okay ill follow you just let me wash my face and hands okay"

" okay"he said then went with the boys to the manager office

I washed my face and my hands then went their either.

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