I love him okay

" jesse styles i think i " then his soft lips crashed mine wait what i like louis put not that way well maybe a little that way put i never thought that he like me i didn't know what to do i pulled quickly from the kiss and stared at his beautiful blue eyes


5. i love you

Jesse prov:

"Hi guys so were are we going"i asked them then harry glared at me

"What are you doing who told her to come?!!?!she is not allowed to ditch school"

"Oh so your allowed to do anything and im not im coming with you "

"Why dont you go hang out with your friends ok and just let us go "

"Umm you are my friends , its not like i have other friends than you guys thats why if your ditching then im ditching got it "

"Yeah you probably write sis anyway move your butts guys before someone notice that we are here"harry said

Then we all got in the car and louis started driving

" so were should i go guys ?!?!!"louis asked us with his lovely voice what am i saying stop thinking about him

"We should probably go to the beach the beach is fun " I said and they all agreed .

So when we got there i got out from the car and quickly headed to the water what can i say i love water i love the beach they all followed me and i started splashing water on harry

"Hey stop it sis hahaha" then he carry me and throw me into the water

"Harry"i yelled at him then all the boys started splashing water on him tell he got all wet

"Thats what you get for throwing your little sis in the water" liam said

"Hhh in your face harry and hey im not his little sister we are twins idiot"

Louis prov:

We have so much fun today on the beach put the bad thing is that im still waiting for the moment that jess will talk to me and tell me how she acutely feel will i hop she like me back .'"hey louis"jess said

"Jess hey i ...um..so about what happened today at school"

Before i could finish she came closer to me and kissed my lips i kissed her back.

"what the fuck you know your not allow to date and even if you did louis really thats it im go--"

"Hey we will talk at home okay harry "jess said and then got up and went with harry i was so upset i love her i really do and she went before she tell me that she loves me we just kissed .

Then i felt my phone buzzed i check it out it was a text from

Jess said ;

-"louis i love you "-

I felt a great feeling. Inside me i texed her back

-"do you want to be my girlfriend "-

I got home and took a shower i ate a snack and she still didnt text me back what if she doesn't want to be my girlfriend .

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