Luke's girl

Hired to be luke hemmings 'fake' girlfriend


1. The VMAs part 1

Outfit for  Chapter 1

 Abigail Madison Houston aka Gabi Houston a rising actor/singer she is the actor that everybody wants to have work with her but when 5 seconds of summer's Manager wants Gabi to date Luke Hemmings to boost the bands status to a whole different level but is it worth to does this and in the long run make enemies and maybe end your career with just one single answer that well define you as a actor and as a person.

"Gabi!" yelled some fans and others at the The VMA red carpet  that was attending that night with all the big time actor and singers around her 

"Hey my cuties!" i said blowing kisses to the crowd as i walked down the carpet striking poses left the right and i made it to the newest band that everybody loved 5 seconds of summer.

They all turned around smiling at me "Hello Beautiful" it was the one boy that did the drum i totally forgot his name

"Oh hey there guys and i forgot you cuties names, tell me them again haha" i said giving them hugs and taking a photo with them all

"Well im Luke" said the tall blonde boy with the lip ring 

"Im Micheal the chill one of the group" said the boy with the blonde hair but his hair was crazy haha

"Calum the hot the one!" and Luke hit Calum saying "Stop lying you retard" and i laughed my butt off and my outfit was a white and sky blue dress and white dr.martens boots and my hair done and with a ponytail on the top but i had to just tell ya that haha and i looked at Luke and he looked at me 

"Arent you performing tonight? " Luke asked and i nodded "My new single Problem tonight so happy for it! and you guys?" 

"Yeah we are excited for it right guys?" and the boys nodded  and we walked into the building taking our seats i was by my best friend and miley cryus and some others

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