Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


4. The school day chaos.

When she walked into the school, she saw her crush/bestie standing there waiting for her. She walked up and was like, "Hi! What are you doing? You usually don't wait for me to get here."

He smiled and laughed then he responded to her. "I don't know. Just thought I'd be nice. So, how was your day yesterday?"

She smiled and tried to keep her cheeks from getting red. "Cool. And, my day was okay I guess, how 'bout yours?" she said this trying to keep the actual response in her mouth. She didn't want him to know how her home life really was. That would just make things more complicated than they already are between them. Being friends with your crush is very complicated.

"Mine was good. So...", he said and his voice drifted into the sea of other voices.

"Yeah... um... I guess I'll talk to you later. If you get a chance, can you check your email?", she said trying not to sound desperate for a response.

He just smiled that smile that she liked so much, and said, "Okay. I'll talk to you later, Brittany." Her face finally got red and she couldn't help blushing.

"Okay..." she said quietly. This was so awkward... 

After she put her stuff in her locker, she was rushing to class. When she arrived in class, her books fell to the floor and she accidentally shreiked out loud. Her face got really red and she tried not to show her face. The whole class was staring at her the whole class period. It was so embarrassing for her.

After the first class she went speed walking to Science, and he ran into her. It was so weird.

"Ouch! Oh, hi..." He stared into her eyes, which was not normal at all, and it worried her a little. "Sorry. So, how did class go?" She started to laugh,

"Well, it was okay, until I dropped my books and shreiked out loud. Yah, then it was bad." He laughed, then he started acting serious.

"Oh, are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, why are you worried? It's not a big deal...", she said kind of quietly and confused.

Then, he started to walk away, and all he said was, "No reason." 

She sat in Science wondering what went wrong, and she couldn't focus on the teacher. "Brittany, are you okay?", the teacher said to her not trying to call her out.

"Yeah, I'm fine.", she said quietly and her face red.

"Would you like to go out in the hall and talk about it, Brittany? Or, is it something personal?", the teacher said, worriedly. Brittany just shook her head and started to take notes again.

"Stop being so over-sensitive! He just walked away, it's not bad.", she said in her head. Then, the bell rang and she ran to lunch. 

"Hey!", she said to her friends, that were already waiting at the table. They suddenly looked up at her from their conversation.

"Hi! Why's your face so red? What did he say? Who do I have to hurt?", her friend Madison said.

"Oh, yeah that. He didn't say anything that hurt me, so don't kill him. And, it's nothing, so don't go and hurt anyone." She said this grinning, to avoid attention from them. Madison didn't look so sure.

Then, her friend Gabe looked at her and asked, "What happened? I know that face, it's the face you make when you're trying to hide something important. Spill, now."  Brittany sighed and she thought about it.

"Okay, I'll tell you, but if it makes you mad, remember you asked." They both said in unison, "SPILL!!!!"

She laughed and said, "Okay, jeez 'um." , and then she explained what happened. 

"Wow. What did you say to get a reaction like that? It's not like you asked him out or something. I'll hurt him, if you want me to! Trust me, it'd be my pleasure to kill him.", Madison said grinning, hoping she'd be able to kill someone. Brittany rolled her eyes, and told her no.

"You CANNOT kill him. BOTH of you know that would crush me. I'll talk to him later. Okay? Can both of you please keep from committing homicide?" They both looked at each other and thought for a minute.

Madison finally spoke up, "We will TRY. No promises though. You know us!" Brittany laughed and said thanks, then she saw him walking over to the table. 

When he got there all he said was, "Hello. Umm... can I talk to just Brittany?" When Brittany said okay, Gabe and Madison walked away to another table. And they stared at them for a while to keep tabs on the two 'friends'. 

"So....", she said nervously.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, but I don't think we should be friends anymore...", he said this quietly, and she could see the tears being pushed back. She suddenly felt like crying and screaming at him.

"Oh.... Ummm... I guess that's all you had to say to me. I will be over with my FRIENDS and you can go back to whatever you were doing in your life, without me in it. I hope you're happy now...", she said this quietly and trying to hold back the tears and pain.

He just stared at her and she saw a tear slip down.

"Okay... I'm sorry, but... I'm sorry Brittany. I just-", and then he walked away.  She just stared as he walked away and she started to cry... 

Madison and Gabe came over and they were demanding to know what he said.

"He- he- he said that we shouldn't be friends anymore... I - I just don't know what went wrong... I-", she sobbed. She slammed her head down on the table, not caring how many people stared at her and whispered. Gabe was the first to get up and storm over to him. 

"You have some nerve messing with her like that. I can't believe you'd go and be so nice to her and then crush her like that. You are a ***** and you will never gain my trust back. If you ever mess with her again, I will personally kill you myself. She is better than any other girl in the world and you don't deserve to know her name." , Gabe said.

Gabe walked away after he said that and never once looked back to listen to what his reaction was. Gabe walked over to Madison and Brittany. 

Madison was trying to get Brittany back on earth and get her to stop crying. "It's just a guy, he'll get what he deserve sooner or later. Please, I'll kill him for you. I will. I promise you that."

Brittany stood up and wiped her eyes. "No. You will not kill him. I have something to him, and he will not like what I have to say."

She walked over to him, but he just put his head down. She sat down and didn't care if he was listening or not.

"Look, I have no idea what Gabe said, but this isn't the way this should go down. I want to ask you this personally. Why?"

He looked up and stared into her eyes.

"I'm sorry, it just isn't right. I know... Look, this is over. We can't be friends, and we never will get this worked out. Go-", he cut off.

"You know what? FINE! You can go and give me up! But I will leave you with one thing. You will never be able to fix this, you will never be able to get me back, and you will never talk to me again. You are an idiot for this whole thing. Maybe Gabe was right, this was a mistake and you are a liar who isn't worth the kindness I gave. I hope you never get over this.", and she walked away. This was over. 

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