Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


22. The past is gone...

They walked all the way to Chance's house to get some supplies. They were never coming back, so this was it. Chance's eyes were filled with tears as he walked into an empty house, only filled wih his family's belongings and memories. It hurt to be there, knowing that it was the last time he'd see it. But, it helped that Brittany held his hand through it all. 

"Okay, there's money upstairs, and food in the cupboards, only take what we'll need. Extra clothes are upstairs." Chance said trying not to think about anything. 

"It's okay, Chance. We're all going to be safe soon. We're here together, and we'll do this together. Remember that for me, please. I'm here." Brittany said squeezing his hand. She smiled a little, it didn't hurt much. He smiled back. 

"Okay, I guess everything's okay. You're here, so I'm fine." he said grinning. She smiled a little again, but it hurt this time. She winced. 

"Ouch. I really need to remember not to smile. It sucks." she said. He frowned. 

"Yeah. It does suck. I'm sorry." he said, kind of upset again. She felt bad.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset, Chance. We should get ready, I guess... I love you." she said. He smiled again. He whisperd that he loves her too, and walked upstairs with her. They grabbed a whole bunch of blankets, pillows, and shirts. They grabbed all the extra clothing they needed, and they started getting ready to leave. This was very rough on Chance especially. 

"I'm so sorry Chance. I will stay here with you, if it'll get that look of pain off your face. That kills me inside, you know that." Brittany said sincerely. 

"No, I want to keep you safe and if that means giving up my whole past, I'll do it. You know that I will do anything to keep you safe, Brittany. I mean it.", he said holding her hand. He smiled at her. 

"Now, we have all of the stuff we need, right? Gabe, Madison, would you guys stop lip locking, and get down here to help us?" Chance yelled downstairs. Gabe and Madison came walking into the room. 

"For one, we weren't kissing, and second, you guys got the stuff you need?" Gabe said a little annoyed. Chance grinned and nodded his head. He suddenly ran into the closet and came out with a black box. Not a ring box like Gabe thought for a minute, a black cardboard box. He opened it to reveal a huge wad of cash.

"I didn't rob a bank, this is all the allowance and birthday money I've been saving for five years. It'll be enough to get us tickets for our flight. Man, I hope this works out..." Chance said. They all hoped this would work. 

They walked downstairs and Chance turned to look one more time at his child-hood home. 'Good-bye' was all he whispered, and he turned away for the last time. 

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