Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


24. Stepping off.

They woke up to the plane landing at the first stop, before New York. They all were a little bit more rested, and they all had gotten all the bad thoughts out of their minds. All they thought about was that they were almost there, and they were almost safe from the terror of the past. 

Chance was relieved. Brittany was almost safe, all the things in the past were almost gone, the pain was almost gone. He was still tires, and she had already fallen asleep on his shoulder again, so he started to sleep beside her. She was almost safe. It's almost over. That's what Chance was thinking. It's almost over... 

Gabe felt safe already, but this wasn't for him or Chance, it was for the girls.

Brittany, his best friend that saw through the wall blocking the pain, the friend that was always beside him when he wanted to die. Brittany was there beside him in the worst times, she helped him before she helped herself, lifted him up when she couldn't even lift herself up. The girl that cried in her room every night, and still typed to him every night to keep the light in his eyes. The girl that pushed herself down, while lifting everyone else up, even when she was being beat, she would be helping someone else. The girl that thought of everyone but herself. She got hurt in front of everyone, and she said it was nothing to cry about. Scars and blood, she didn't let that stop her from lifting him up. 

 And Madison, the friend he had always liked a little more than just a friend. The friend that told off everyone who hurt him, the girl that didn't care if she hurt herself while helping him, the girl that would hide in her room typing to him in the worst times. The girl that had a good life, and helped him out in his horror. Madison lit his eyes with a new flame very time she spoke. She gave him hope when he was on the ground crying. Madison and Brittany were the best. Them being safe was one small way to help repay the debt, he could never really fully pay. 

Chance felt the same way. He felt that this wasn't about them, it was about Brittany and Madison. Though, he didn't really know Madison, he wanted her safe too. Madison may have been mean to him a couple of times, but she always apologized. He wanted her and Brittany safe. 

Brittany was the girl that was always trying to get closer to him, the girl that was nice to him even when she was scarred and beaten, she never let it show around him. She was so perfect, and beautiful. He loved so much, and he didn't care if he was only thirteen. It was not age that mattered, it was love that mattered to him. He held a beautiful, innocent, fragile, girl, that loved him, in his scraped arms. They were running away together. He wouldn't change any part of this for the world. She was so beautiful. A pale girl, with a red cut across her face, hair curly and whispy around her face, eyes closed, searching the heavens above. He loved her.

They were approaching the air port, so they started getting their stuff together. They stepped off that plane t0gether. Gabe and Madison walked together with Brittany and Chance, to the building. They were all a little scared. But, they all held hands and walked in together and the fear disappeared. They all felt the happiness that came when they walked in. They were free, and they made it to New York, together. 

Chance held hands with Brittany. Her skin was cold as ice. 

"Brittany, your skin is like ice. What's up with it? Are you cold?" he said worried. She rolled her eyes jokingly. 

"I'm not cold. I guess I never really told you. There's this crazy disease that means your genetics are all screwed up. Yeah, that's why my hands are icy..." she said kind of embarrassed. He looked shocked, he didn't think she had a disease.

"Oh, my god. I didn't know. What does it do to you? I've never had any disease, other than stupidity." he said joking around to soften the mood. She just laughed.

"It doesn't do much. It just means my genetics are messed up. My hands get cold, cause my arms are so long. It's actually funny. Don't worry about it Chance. And you're not stupid." she assured him. He smiled. 

"Okay. I don't know anything about these things. I don't care if your genetics are messed up, I still love you." he said. She nodded and kissed his cheek. Her face got red, but she didn't care. He smiled. 

"Let's sit down and talk this whole thing over. We have a lot to think about." Gabe said. Madison sat beside him and held his hand. She was worried. She was scared. She didn't know what to do now that they had gotten this far. Gabe held her hand tight, and he tried to assure her that they were okay. He smiled at her. 

"Okay. First thing's first-" he said before Chance interrupted him. 

"ON THE REALEST!" Chance said grinning. Brittany rolled her eyes. She knew that song, it was by Iggy Azalea. 

"Oh, yeah, I know that song. Anyway, first thing's first, on the realest. We will need a place to stay. Should we get a hotel room? Or what do you guys think we should do?" Gabe said smiling. Brittany thought about that for a minute. What should they do about a place to stay? Where will they stay? She thought about that for a minute longer and finally decided that the hotel was the best choice. 

"I think a hotel is our best choice at this point." she said. They all thought the same thing, and nodded. They all got up, and started walking to the door. The crowd was a lot taller than they were, so it was hard to get through. But, they made it and they started their journey to the city. They made it... 

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