Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


12. Starting over

They all got settled in after the crowd was far behind them.

"That was so shocking. I didn't think it would get out." Brittany said still in shock.

Chance held her hand, "It's gone. I didn't expect that either. I'm sorry it was so sudden, I bet it scared you a little." he said sounding guilty. "It's not your fault. I'm fine.", she said. He held her hand. 

A they pulled into the driveway, Chance looked into Brittany's eyes and squeezed her hand.

"I'm sorry this all happened, I just don't know how you can shrug it off, and forgive me." he said.

She rolled her eyes, "It's fine. It's not you. It's not hard to forgive you for something you DIDN'T cause. I love how you are so worried." she said. He got out, and he opened the door for her, like a gentlemen. 

"You're so sweet." she said.

He opened the front door and grinned. They all walked inside. His mom went to her room to sleep for a while. His dad went to his office to work on papers. But, she and Chance went upstairs to his room. As they walked, Brittany felt kind of weak. He helped her up the stairs.  They held hands the whole time, and they even danced when they got to his room. Though, Brittany was still sore, she didn't let it show. Chance was so sweet about everything. He made her laugh a lot too. She finally was able to smile, but it did still hurt some. 

Around 5:30, his mom had told them to get ready to go.

"Why? Where are we going?" Chance asked. His mom just said it's a surprise. They started getting ready to go. Chance helped Brittany cover up most of the slash on her cheek. 

"You look beautiful, Brittany. I hope the cut heals fast. I love how you don't mind it's there. It's amazing, and noble too." he said.

She looked at the ground, "Thanks." He went to get in something a little nicer than the jeans and green t-shirt he had on. 

After a few minutes they were all downstairs and ready to go. Brittany felt so loved here, and it made her want to cry. When they walked outside, there were no cameras, just the sun setting. They all sat down in the car and Chance held Brittany's hand again.

"I love you." he whispered in her ear. The two parents were to caught up in their conversation to notice that Brittany and Chance were now lip locking in the back seat. But, once they pulled into a lit up restaraunt, they turned around to see them.

"Whoa! I know you two are in love, but let's not do that in the restaraunt.", his dad said, jokingly. They turned to face them, and they both giggled. Brittany's face was just as red as her dress, and Chance's the same shade. 

Chance escorted Brittany inside, like a gentlemen. Every eye in the building was looking at her. She didn't want to smile and risk the pain. So, she tried to ignore the stares, and whispers. A staff member came and escorted then to their tables. The two adults sat at a seperate table, and Chance sat with Brittany, of course. 

As they ordered, Chance grinned. He had been holding Brittany's hand the whole time, and the waitress was staring. 

Their dinner came a few minutes later, and they ate, joked around, and after the parents went to pay, they kissed again. They had been joking and then Chance just leaned in, and they kissed. They drew back fast as soon as the parents came back distracted. They started giggling, and the two parents looked convinced.

"This was so much fun! I can't believe we got to go here, it's so sweet." Brittany said in awe. 

"It's no problem. I wanted you to have something to enjoy after you got out of the hospital. I was so worried about you, and I thought you wouldn't out of there for at least a week. You were in bad shape..." his dad said.

His mom came and hugged her.

"You're a sweet girl, and like the daughter we never got. We will always be here for you. You're part of the family now, never forget that. This was no problem, and I'm glad you enjoyed it." she said.

Brittany hugged them both.

"You all are a great family, and there's nothing more that I could ever ask for. I love you all so much.", she said trying not to cry.

"Okay, now. We have to head out now. We have one more place to go", his dad said. Then, they started to get their jackets on. And they left to got to the next destination. 


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