Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


26. Shopping!

The girls skipped down the street skimming the shops to find the perfect gift for the guys. They laughed as they went, and they couldn't help trying on a couple of crazy hats, and weird outfits. They had people taking pictures of them saying that 'You girls are just so cute!' It was so much fun. When they walked in the last store at 2:45pm, they both split up around the store. Madison walked around and found the gift for Gabe. It was a cologne, and a leather jacket. She was so thrilled, and it was on clearance. She was thrilled to go up to the cashier.

Brittany walked down the rows, and she found it. It was a gold painted band with a 'C' on it with a dragon, and it was perfect. She raced up to Madison and they gushed about what they were going to buy. They paid, and they walked out laughing and skipping as they went along. 

The guys had been walking around forever, and they couldn't find that perfect gift for the girl that means the world to you. They were running out of time, it was already 2:50pm. They walked into one last store and they found the perfect gifts. Gabe bought Madison a silver necklace, with a gold heart. Inside the heart was the names 'Gabe and Madison' engraved in it. It didn't cost him much because of their age, and it was the holidays. 

Chance wanted to get Brittany the perfect girt that year. After all she had been through, she deserved something that said 'I love you to infinity and back.' He searched the shop, and then he saw it. A silver band with 'Brittany' engraved into the charm, and a little diamond-like heart on it. He held it in his hand and thought of her thin, wrists. This was going to be perfect fo her. He raced up to Gabe and they both bought the gifts. As they walked out they showed the other what they bought, and they laughed hysterically. Not because the gift was bad, because they both thought the gifts were great, just for no reason, they started laughing. This was more fun than they expected. They headed back to the hotel. 

The girls waited there laughing. The boys arrived and they started laughing with them. 

"What are we laughing about?" Chance said, trying to catch his breath, but still laughing. They kept laughing and shrugged their shoulders. 

They got up and walked inside, as the laughter died down. They hid the gifts and they got ready to go on their date. 

Brittany put on her blue dress that Chance had gotten her, and the white flats. She braided her hair, loosely. 

Madison put on a purple dress, with her matching purple sequin heels. She put her hair into a bun. 

Chance put on a black polo, and some nice pants. He brushed his hair, and put on a smile. 

Gabe put on a navy shirt and tie, and some blue jeans. He brushed his hair back. 

They all walked into the dining area, and they grinned. Even Brittany managed a smile for Chance. 

"My lady, may I escort you to a date?" Gabe said grinning at Madison. She laughed and nodded. Chance took Brittany's hand and they walked out. They laughed as they walked out and they started skipping down the street. They didn't care how stupid they looked. When they got to the restaraunt, they stopped laughing and tried to look sophisticated. They walked in and they just smiled. A waiter came and escorted them to their table. They thanked the waiter, and the guys pulled the chairs out for the girls. 

They ordered and they started talking about their shopping experiences. They laughed and held hands under the table. Chance wanted to joke with Gabe. 

"So, Gabe...Have you and Madison gotten it on?" Chance joked. Gabe laughed. 

"Nope, but what about you and Brittany? I've seen you two in bed, did you wait until we were asleep?" Gabe countered. Chance laughed. That was a good move he had to admit that much. 

"No. Brittany and I are smart enough not to go THAT far. That's past the line, dude. Can we change the subject?" Chance said. Gabe laughed and nodded. This was getting a little awkward. He looked at the girls. They were sliently waiting for a chance to join a conversation. He laughed. 

"Don't worry girls, we're done with that." Gabe said. The night continued, perfectly. This was amazing. 

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