Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


9. Shocker!

The three friends walked to class, still kinda shocked from everything. Gabe was so confused and was worried about what Brittany was doing with Chance. He finally demanded answers while they walked to lunch. 

"I want answers now! You were crying yesterday, because he broke your heart, then you are at his house sleeping?! With him? Or just staying the night? That doesn't make it any better!" Gabe said.

Brittany opened her mouth to explain, but Madison answered first.

"Look, what happened was they were upset, they talked it over, missed the bus, fell in love, she got kicked out of her house, and Chance offered her a place to stay. Better?" she said, trying to get it over with.

"Hey! How do you know we 'fell in love' after we missed the bus? We could be just friends for all you know.", Brittany said.

Gabe mumbled, "Yeah friends with benefits, I'm sure."

"I heard that!", Brittany said. Brittany smiled. "But yes, we did 'fall in love' or whatever you want to say it as. it's not the way Gabe thinks of it as either. We aren't adult content love like that. Gross...", she said. 

"Okay. I guess I have to admit, I want you to be happy. And I have something to tell you too. I'm taken also." Gabe said grinning.

"What?! That's awesome! Who's the girl?" Brittany said smiling.

Gabe smiled. "Well, you are friends with her... Okay, Madison and I are... a thing." he said nervously, waiting for the shreik. Brittany knew it.

"I knew it! Congrats guys! When did it become official? This is so awesome! We are all happy and we don't have to worry about one being taken and any jealousy. So, when did it become official?" she said almost jumping for joy.

Madison and Gabe smiled and Madison answered.

"Yesterday... Wow, we all got a date on the same day... Ironic." Gabe slipped his hand into Madison's. They all grinned. Chance came running up.

"Hey girlfriend! Whoa, what happened with them? You guys are a thing?" he said out of breath.

Madison answered. "Ya, and what's up with you and Brittany? Got in bed yet? I'm joking. Yes, Gabe and I are a thing. Are you and Brittany?"

Chane sat down and smiled, "Yes. And no, we haven't gotten in bed. We just started dating yesterday, for cryin out loud. Sheesh guys. So, are we all happy?" he said.

They all smiled, and they all said yes in unison. "That was ironic...", Madison said grinning.

Chance slipped his hand into Brittany's. But, then they all heard the clicking of Michelle's high heels... 

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