Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


18. Screams

'They all surrounded her. He was screaming. She was too innocent! The world was too cruel. What did she do to deserve to be here, her blood spilling on the pavement of an abandoned street? She lay there blood on the ground, eyes opening, crying. Chance held her in his arms still screaming. His throat burned, but he still kept screaming. She was starting to come back to Earth, and she heard his screams. She cried out for him to stop, it killed her to hear him scream. She thought he was hurt. She tried to get up, her eyes blood-shot, crying his name. 

He pulled her closer and the screams stopped. She was alive! He pressed his lips against hers, and cried. He wiped the blood from her cheek, and kept his lips on hers. Everyone stared and had tears slip down their faces. There was a crowd of people staring and on edge, but Chance didn't care. It wasn't for their pleasure. 

"I'm so sorry Brittany! Are you okay? I was trying to get you to safety, and I ended up... Oh god." he said still crying. She blinked a tear away.

"I'm fine, don't worry... I'm fine..." she said crying on his shoulder. He wiped more blood off her face as she spoke. It stung a little, an it was okay for her to wince. He held her in his arms a little tighter and he wouldn't let her go. 

He helped her up, and she didn't fall or stumble.  She stood, and her body went numb. He held her steady, and he felt so bad. 

"I'm so sorry, Brittany! This is all my fault... If I hadn't made you run, and that far... And your cut..." he said almost crying again. She steadied herself on his shoulder.

"I'm fine. This is not your fault. I collapsed, and hurt myself. It's not you." she said to him. He looked so upset...

She let her fingers brush her cheek. It was dry with blood. It hurt really bad. She walked with Chance to get away from everyone. It was really bad where they were. If anyone had a mind, they could sense a riot starting in the air. So, as they left, they didn't look back. They kept walking away.

"I still feel like this whole thing was my fault. I just feel like I'm dying inside knowing that you're hurt. The blood on your cheek proves the pain. I am so sorry." he said. She stared into those brown eyes of his and smiled through the pain. She didn't care if it made the dried blood crack. The fresh blood trickled through the dried, and she brushed it off. He smiled for no reason, and he brushed her honey brwn hair out of her face. He got a little of her blood on his hand. That killed him. The blood of the one he loved on his hands. He tried not to think that it was his fault, but inside he thought it was. He tried to shake himself of those thoughts, but they wouldn't leave his mind. 

"Chance, it's fine. I'm here, and I'm fine. Nothing is wrong, we're here together, and that's all that matters now. Listen to me, please, look into my eyes. I'm fine. You're here with me, and we're fine.  Please know that, for me..." she said trying not to cry. But, he was drifting into space, and she cried out his name. He didn't hear her crying for him to come back to her. 

"Please! Chance, hear me! I'm here! Chance!" she cried to him. He didn't hear her drop to the ground in tears.

She sunk to the ground crying. He didn't hear her cry there at his feet, blood dripping down with her tears on her cold face. The wind whipped at them, and yet he was in some place unknown. He wasn't awake, not even for her. As she cried, the urge to scream was building up. It finally broke loose, and she broke down screaming like he did for her. 

He kept thinking of everything. He couldn't forgive himself for the pain he caused her. He kept crying inside, and he couldn't stop screaming at himself. He caused her the pain of a slash almost healed to rip open again. The pain of no air in her lungs from running away, the pain of knowing he had someone before her, the pain of the lies he told her once. The lies, the pain, it was all him. He didn't even realize her on the ground, crying, he kept crying and screaming inside himself. And he couldn't stop it. 

He dropped to his knees screaming and tearing at his head. 

"MAKE THIS STOP! I can't stand to see her like this!" he screamed, unaware of her presence. She couldn't stand to see him like her, torn apart. She grabbed his hand and screamed his name one more time. 

"Chance! I'm here, listen to me, please.", she cried out to him. He finally woke to hear her voice. 

"Brittany... I'm so sorry..." he said to her. He held her hand and he saw the scrapes on them. He lifted her up and they held the other in their arms, and they apologized fo the break down. 

They walked farther away, and they still didn't look back. Nobody followed them, they stared as they walked into the empty space ahead. Nobody objected. 



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