Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


16. Questions and more questions...

They had finally woken from their daze. They wiped the tears away, and they walked hand in hand to the room. The two parents were standing there smiling.

"So, where have you two been?" his dad said.

Chance answered, "Just down stairs. No big deal." They all smiled at the two. Chance smiled, and Brittany wished she could.

"Where's Madison and Gabe?" Brittany said.

They smiled, "In there. We just busted them lip locking. Gross.", his dad said.

Chance grinned, "I gotta see this!", he said with excitement. 

He ran to the door, and he opened the door a little, and peeked in. He didn't see much before he closed the door.

"Yep, they're lip locking again. Gross. I don't know how they ended up together." he said. Brittany laughed.

"Oh, come on. You know that they are perfect together. It just took time, and now they are getting close. You and I are the same way..."she said

He smiled and sat down on the bed beside her and wrapped her up in his arms. She leaned her head on his shoulder. He loved her so much. The parents had to go and check on a friend's house so they left the kids there. 

Chance smiled, and kissed Brittany on the cheek lightly, trying not to hurt her in any way. She smiled just barely. It felt good to see her face like it used to be, almost healed. Her slashed cheek, pale white, yet beautifully perfect to him. He brushed his hand across it and he stared into her dark green eyes. She looked so fragile, and innocent. How could she ever love a guy like him? He may be nice, but in his head he was a demon. He had hated, hurt, ruined, destroyed...and yet she loved him even through all of that. That bewildered him. How can she love a mess like me? That's what he thought as he brushed her slashed, pale, cold, cheek. 

She was so grateful for him. She kept thinking of how he was there for her, and the way she felt all those times he was beside her. She wondered the same thing he did. How could he love a mess like me? I never did anything to help him, and look at what he's doing for me. He is the one who saved me from my life, and he wiped the tears away. He helped her up when she was beaten and screaming for it to end. He took me in when I got kicked out. He saved me from my own pain, and my own demons. He saved me... That's the only thing that was in her head. 

He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her in closer. He didn't want to let her go. After they finally found out the whole story, it just drew them closer. They knew this was supposed to happen. It was true, and nothing could break them now. 

They drew back and laid down beside each other. They felt so grateful, and they didn't want this to have to end. Outside the snow fell quietly, and the hum of the heater made it seem even better. Winter Wonderland seemed perfect now. Gabe and Madison walked in and they giggled. 


"What happened that we missed you two? Chance, didn't I tell you not to get down with her?", Gabe joked.

Brittany laughed, "We didn't get down. Oh gosh no. I'm wondering if you can say the same thing..." she said countering Gabe's move. He rolled his eyes, and laughed.

"No, we didn't get down. Gross. I seriously wonder if you did though.", he said. 

"No, I didn't get down with her. I won't disobey you, oh great and powerful one! Yeah, no." Chance said joking around. Madison had to laugh at that one. She laughed and so did Brittany. Madison sat down on the bed next to theirs, and Gabe did too. They all were happy. 

The two parents came in and they looked really torn up. 


"Oh, my god! Mom, what happened?" Chance exclaimed. They smiled.

"Oh, there's just a riot going on. The whole town is in chaos because of the whole incident with Brittany. They are all going crazy and screaming 'The abuse has to stop!' Chance, they want to question Brittany about everything. They're storming the hotel." she said near crying. Chance grabbed Brittany's hand and screamd no. 

"No, they can't question her. It's just too much right now. I don't want the risk of a riot around her. I don't want to risk her safety for some people wanting answers." he said defensively.

She felt so safe in his arms. He held her tighter and he wouldn't let go. Than the pounding on the door came. Then the yelling. Then, the cracking... 

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