Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


25. On their way...

They walked on the streets of New York, together. It was crowded and loud, but it was freedom for them. Everyone stared at them as they walked down the streets hand in hand, all in a line. It was weird for everyone else, but for them, it was a new world and they owned it. They walked through the streets together until they came up to a cute little hotel. They liked it and they thought that they should stay there. 

Gabe walked in and asked at the front desk if they could get a room. The lady looked up and said sure. 

"How long will you be staying and where are your parents?" she said. They looked at each other hoping one of them would have an answer. Chance put his arm around Brittany.

"We don't have any parents. They're gone. And, we don't know how long we'll be staying..." Chance said almost actually crying. It hurt him to say that he didn't have any parents. He had parents, but they're gone, miles and miles away. It hurt. But it hurt Brittany even more to see him like that. She leaned her head on his shoulder as the lady slipped a key into his hand. 

"You all can't say that you're staying here. Just go and stay in the room, eat here, and everything, don't tell that you're here. No cost." she said quietly. They slipped away and opened the room. 

The room was a huge one with three beds, a couch, a tv, and dining area. It was huge and beautiful. They stood in awe, and held hands tighter. It was perfect... 

They sat down on two of the beds and they smiled. Except Brittany she wished she could, though. They all started laughing insanely. 

"Omigosh, stop! I can't breathe!" Madison laughed, trying to breathe through the laughter. They all kept laughing for no reason. When it died down, they just smiled and stared into each other's eyes. 

Chance brushed Brittany's hair out of her face. His hand brushed her cheek. Gabe giggled and whispered to Madison that they should give them a moment alone. He giggled even more. They walked out. 

Chance grinned. He brushed her cheek, and leaned in. She wrapped her hands on his neck, and closed her eyes. His lips brushed hers, and he closed his eyes. They leaned in closer, and they kissed for a little longer. When they finally drew away, she laid down on the soft, bed.

He laid down beside her and held her close. It was getting late. She laid her head on his chest and started to drift into sleep. He held her closer and he fell asleep too. By the time Gabe and Madison came back, Chance and Brittany were already deep asleep. 

Madison laid on the other bed, beside gabe and they fell asleep. This was perfect, and it was more than they imagined. They were finally free, and safe. The past was gone. They were free. 

They woke up that morning to the smell of pancakes at their door. Chance got up and opened the door to see a cart with plates stacked high with pancakes and scrambled eggs. There was a note too. The note said: 

Dear kids, 

You all seem wonderful, so breaking a tiny rule isn't a problem. I personally prepared these for you and I truly hope you enjoy them. I hope you all find your way, and hope you all stay safe and happy in this huge world. I wish you all good luck! -Krissi, (The lady at the front desk)

Brittany walked to Chance and read over his shoulder. He looked behind him and accidentally met her lips. She kissed him harder and finally drew back giggling. 

"Good morning to you too." she giggled. He laughed and smiled. He pushed the cart in and made everyone a plate, though Gabe and Madison weren't up yet. Brittany and Chance ate in the dining area, and they laughed and joked quietly. Gabe came into the room rubbing his eyes. 

"Hey! Did you save us any food?!" he exclaimed. Chance grinned and shook his head no. Brittany rolled her eyes, amused. Chance finally pointed to the left. Gabe grinned in joy. All Gabe was thinking was 'food!'. Madison came out not at all looking like Gabe had. She was wide awake and fresh. Gabe looked like he hadn't had sleep in days. It was a funny comaprison. They finished eating and laughed hysterically again. 

After they cleaned everything up, they sat down and started talking about the day. They were all kind of nervous to enter the new world. Yesterday they felt as if they owned the place, but now the fear and anxiety set in. They tried not to let it show, they didn't know if the others felt the same way. They held hands, and they felt a little less scared. This was a huge world, and they were the newbies of it. 

They talked about going and shopping around, and going out to dinner, a double date to celebrate their arrival. They decided it was a good idea, except there was one flaw with it. They were almost out of money. They decided to explore, even though they didn't have much money. They walked out the door to see a big basket of gifts. 

They gasped in joy. It was addressed to anyone who needs it. They hugged and squealed in joy. Brittany read the bright card that was attached to the basket. It read:

Dear anyone who recieves this,

We hope you like this basket and we hope it brightens your day a little. Happy Holidays!

Love the children of the Ivory Orphanage. 

They all hugged again, and they almost cried in joy and thanks. Madison and Brittany hugged and they cried a little. The guys punched each other in the shoulder, and grinned. Guys are weird like that. They all smiled and took it inside. 

They sat down and opened the brightly colored basket to find christmas cookies, pajamas, cards, brownies, shampoo, soap, slippers, and a check for $100. Brittany wrapped her arms around Chance and started to cry happily. 

"This is amazing. Nobody has ever done anything like this for us. Oh, my god.", she cried, super happy. Madison hugged Gabe and she started to cry happily, just like Brittany. Chance kissed Brittany's cheek lightly, and he smiled. 

"This is just perfect. I am so happy..." Chance said smiling. Gabe rolled his eyes, jokingly. 

"Yeah, I'm happy too. Just don't get all teary-eyed on us. The girls have already taken that job." Gabe said grinning. Brittany punched Gabe's shoulder. 

"Hey, I'm a girl and I'm sitting right here! I'm just happy, and crying, I'll have you know, shows I have a heart. Joking, joking. I know you have a heart Gabe." Brittany joked. Gabe tried to punch her shoulder, but she dodged it and he punched Chance's chest. 

"Whoa man! What did I do to you? Watch it!" Chance joked. Gabe grinned and shrugged his shoulders. They all laughed, and grinned, except Brittany, of course. She still couldn't smile yet. She laughed hysterically with the rest of the group. This was awesome. 

"So, I guess the double date is back on." Chance grinned. They all nodded, still laughing crazily. They stopped laughing gradually and they got up to leave. They walked out onto the streets, and they started laughing again. Everyone stared, but that feeling of owning the world was back, so they didn't care. 

They walked down whatever street it was, and they looked at the shops all lit up with the Christmas lights. 

"Okay, since I'm sure NONE of us have any presents for each other, we should prob split up and shop around. Gabe can go with me, and the girls can go together. No spending all the money we just got yet. We still need to have money for the double date night. We'll meet back at the hotel at 3:30pm. Don't get lost!" Chance said smiling. They all nodded and the girl went skipping off like they were in the second grade. They laughed as they went and the guys laughed at them as they walked into the crowd. This was going to be interesting.


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