Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


15. Flash back of then.

They didn't even realize that Gabe and Madison had left. They had been too caught up in the whole conversation. 

Brittany was still crying on his shoulder, and he let a few tears slip down too. They felt secure in each other's arms, and they didn't want to be anywhere else on Earth but there. They didn't know that they meant so much to each other before. They didn't know how much they felt for each other. 

Chance thought back to when he first saw her. She was just that girl in the hall dressed in a pair of white leggings, oink skirt, and a pink shirt that said 'I will love you til the end of time'. He saw that shirt and smiled at her. She saw him for the first time ever and she smiled at him. She saw him and she didn't know what to do, so she acted like she didn't mind it much. He smiled at the ground, and then he ran up to his friends. He felt like he had just got a blow to the chest. it burned, but it felt good. She felt the same thing and she was dazed the rest of he day. He was a cute guy and smiled at her like that. It felt good. They tried to get closer and closer to each other, but there was always someone pushing them apart. They tried to get closer cause they both wanted to know if what they thought was true or a lie. Then the camp came up, and they both signed up without the thought that the other would be there. They walked in and the person they had tried to see forever, was standing there. 

They tried to blink it away, but it wouldn't leave either of them. That girl is here, is what Chance was thinking. That boy is here, is what Brittany was thinking. They tried to stay with their gender, always joking with the other group in the background. They finally got a break, 'cause the others left them alone together to see what would happen. They sat next to each other and they started talking about choir.  It was just some random topic, but they both were interested in it, so they had somehting in common. Brittany smiled and tried to forget who that boy next to her was to heart. They started drawing on the paper in front of them, randomly, joking on who's drawing was better. They were laughing and joking and having fn with each other. It wasn't awkward then, it was magical. They smiled and laughed together and they didn't want to leave when they were called to dinner. 

They acted like it was nothing when the others were laughing and saying that they were love-birds. It was fun and they didn't realize til after they let go, that they were crushing on each other. It was the worst feeling to love someone and then let go of them for months. Then it all came back, just not as strong. They saw each other and they realized who they were, yet they didn't know each other's name. They smiled and laughed with each other at lunch for one magical day. They got shoved apart again after that one day. They still smiled at each other in the halls, but they never got to be close like that again. 

They found one way to talk and not get shoved away from each other. Emailing. They emailed and talked. It was there that they finally became friends for real. They talked like themselves and laughed in real life though, they were so far apart. They didn't care who saw them. They were so happy together. Then, everything in the present happened. This couldn't be a coincidence, it had to be real. And it was... 

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