Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


10. Falling down? Or just building up again?

Michelle came storming down the hall. 

"Brittany Renee! I don't know what you and this pervert did last night, but it's over. We are leaving. The family is in the car and we are moving. Get in the car. I don't want anything to happen to you, this is for your own good. Say good-bye to your friends and break up with him already." Michelle smirked. Brittany's eyes filled with tears.

"What? You leave me, then you want to take me away from my whole life? No... I am not going to leave Madison, Gabe, and especially not Chance. I AM NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU ANY MORE! I"M NOT LEAVING!" she whispered then screamed.

Michelle grabbed her arm and slapped her right there in front on everyone.

"I AM YOUR MOTHER! WE ARE LEAVING AND YOU WILL NOT DISOBEY ME ANYMORE!" Michelle screamed at her yanking Brittany's hair. Brittany screamed. The principal came running down the hall. 

"Michelle! Let her go! I'm calling the police, and taking Brittany away from you!" he screamed at her.

Brittany cried, as Chance tried to pull her away from Michelle. Chance cried as Brittany tried to pull away from Michelle screaming in pain. The blood trickled down her lip and her cheek, because of Michelle's abuse. The principal came back running with the police. Brittany's vision started fading away after Michelle threw the final blow at her head. All she heard after she started blacking out, was Chance at her side crying and telling her to stay with him.

"Brittany! Stay with me! No, don't close your eyes! Brittany!" he sobbed.

Then the police came over and lifted her to the ambulance. Chance was running beside them and screamed to help her. He jumped in the ambulance and refused to let go of her hand.

"Brittany, I'm so sorry. I won't let her near you ever again, I swear. I'm so sorry." he sobbed at her side, though she couldn't hear him.

She was knocked out, and she was too far away to hear him then.

"Brittany, please. Don't go! I won't let you go. I'm here, I promise." he said.

As the ambulance sped into the hospital, he sobbed even more. She finally heard his voice as she started to wake.

"Brittany please. Wake up!", he screamed. 

She tried to open her eyes, but she couldn't do it.

"Chance, I'm fine. Stop crying, I'm here..." she whispered softly.

Chance was screaming at her in happiness.

"BRITTANY! Oh god, I'm so sorry! Stay with me. It's almost over, Michelle's gone. I promise. She's gone. I swear." he shouted at her squeezing her hand tighter.

As they lifted her out of the ambulance, they told Chance to stay calm, and that she'll be fine. 

Chance started to calm down, but he still wouldn't leave Brittany's side. She tried to open her eyes, and she finally got them to open. The first thing she saw, was Chance and his family by her side. They all were on the edge of tears and they pulled her into a room. The doctor came rushing in and started wiping the blood off her face, but it kept coming, just a little slower each time. Chance stood outside the door, worried as heck. 


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