Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


27. Double Date.

The date night: 

They walked in trying to calm the laughter that had been going on since they walked out of the building. All of them took in a deep breath to keep from making complete fools of themselves. 

The two guys opened to doors for the girls, and they walked hand in hand inside, trying to look sophisticated. They stood there at the entrance, waiting for someone to escort them to their table. A man dressed in black pants, a white shirt, a red apron, and black shoes. He asked how many guests there were in the party, and Gabe responded four. They smiled and followed the waiter to their table. Their table was a corner one right by a huge window, lit up by Christmas lights. It was so pretty, the windows covered by lights and poinsetta and mistletoe. It was beautiful. Chance pulled out Brittany's chair for her and he smiled. She sat down, and he sat down beside her. Gabe did the same for Madison. They all tried their best not to burst into hysterical laughter. It took a lot of will to do that. 

They talked about their day while they waited for the waiter to come so they could order. 

"We walked around EVERY store in New York just to find you guys the perfect present. It was rough, I hope you girls like the gifts we got. It was a lot of walking." Gabe said joking around with them. They laughed, and the girls shook their heads. 

"You better like your gifts! We walked around everywhere, and we even passed up going to our stores, just for you guys. Joking, but I really hope you guys like your gifts." Madison said. She slipped her hand into Gabe's hand. This was amazing, she'd never been on a real date before. This was just as she imagined it would be like. Chance and Brittany, her and Gabe. She had always liked Gabe a little, even when they finally became friends. Just a little, because she was never sure if liking someone was worth it. She was always worried it would end with her in her closet hiding from her family, crying, being weak. She hated that she could be weak sometimes, but she knew everyone needed a chance to break down sometimes. But, even though she had been scared to like Gabe, she found the strength to get over the fear and like him. This risk she took, it was worth it. She was in love, and she was on a date. This was perfect, she loved it. 

Gabe had never been on a date either. But, here he was, holding hands with Madison, at a fancy restaraunt. A double date with his girlfriend, his best friend and her boyfriend. It was amazing how everything went from heart-broken to them being so happy, and on a double date. He looked at Madison sitting there smiling as bright as the lights on the window. Her hair pulled up, and her cheeks glowing rose red. She was beautiful. He held her hand smiling, and he kept thinking of how everything turned from what it was to what it is now. It is perfect. 

He looked at Brittany, she was laughing, and holding hands with the boy she loved. She looked happy, and unscratched by what had happened. Though, the slash on her cheek said otherwise, she was really pretty. He still felt grateful for Brittany's kindness towards him in the past, when she was the one who had needed kindness, not him. Brittany was a great friend, and he loved her as a friend. It made him feel great to see her so happy when she was with Chance. Chance may have been a real jerk, and Gabe may have hated his very exsistence at one point, but he made Brittany happy for a change. Brittany looked so happy under the lights, beside Chance, and she was laughing happily. He was happy to see her happy. 

Chance held Brittany's hand and he could have sworn that his heart skipped a beat. You'd think that he'd be used to the shock of electricity you get when you hold hands with the person you love. He couldn't get used to it, it was fresh everytime his skin touched hers. Her skin was ice cold, his warm, it was just asking for a shock. He loved it. She was so pretty, and he couldn't get over it. After all the beatings she had went through, more than he would ever know, she pushed through it. She helped anyone and everyone, even when she was hurt because of his actions. She probably hated him at one point, because of his actions, the way he treated her, but she held her anger inside and showed kindness towards him instead. She loved him for him, and she didn't show any hate towards him, ever. She was amazing, beautiful, kind, sweet, perfect.. That's all he could think of right now. He looked at her, and he kept thinking of her amazing calmness, and her fighting the pain she felt. It amazed him. She was this perfect girl beside him, on a date, the girl that gave up everything with him, and ran away with him. It was too much to think about. He loved her.

The waiter finally came and snapped them all from their trance. They all ordered, and they started that carzy laughter again. They were trying not to laugh, but they couldn't help it. They kept laughing like someone had given them some loopy gas or something, but they didn't care. They laughed until the waiter came with their food. He stared at them like they were insane, but they didn't care. 

"Here's your food, I hope you... kids... enjoy it. May I ask where's your parents?" he asked trying to be polite. They laughed. Gabe spoke up. 

"Our parents aren't here, they're busy." he said. The waiter looked convinced enough, and left them to enjoy their dinner. They laughed. 

"Nice save Gabe. That was hilarious. 'They aren't here, they're busy.'" Chance said, mocking Gabe's voice. Gabe punched his arm. They all burst out laughing. They were a bunch of crazy kids in love. It was awesome.

The laughter died down, and they started eating their dinner. The food was amazing. They all could agree with that. It was really good. They kept eating, but they had the occasional laughing fit, and awkward conversations. It was so fun. They didn't want the night to end, they were having the best night in forever. 

They finished up, and Gabe wanted dessert. They all finally gave in, and they ordered dessert. They all wanted the same thing, a triple chocolate cheesecake, with extra whipped cream. It was really sugary, but that was what they wanted. It was going to be a loud and crazy hyper night. But, that's fine, they were together, so it was okay. 

They started eating the cheesecake, and it was instant bliss.

"Omigosh, this amazing. Gabe, you're a genious." Brittany exclaimed. They all agreed on that. Gabe shrugged his shoulders, and he grinned. They rolled their eyes and they continued eating. 

The night was coming to an end, so they started getting their coats on. They paid, and left a tip, and they walked out the door. The moonlight was shining on them, and it may be loud, but to them, it was dead silence. They were so happy. 

They walked down the street to the hotel, holding hands. Tonight brought them closer together, and it was perfect. When they got to the hotel, they walked into the room to see the room decorated in garland, red and green bows, and there was a Christmas Tree all lit up with lights. They were so happy, they called a group hug. They sat down on the beds, and they held hands again. Gabe put his arm around Madison. He kept thinking about how the night went. It was perfect. He felt so good, he was sitting by someone who loved him, and he loved her. It was awesome. But, that war was still in his head. He wanted to seem tough, but he also wanted to show Madison he did have a sensitive. That war would probably never end, but he wanted to focus on tonight. 

Gabe and Madison got up and they went downstairs to get something to drink. 

Brittany laid down, she was kind of tired. Chance laid beside her, and he kissed her cheek. 

"Was tonight the way I hope it was for you?" Chance asked. She was really starting to get tired but she answered. 

"It was better than I could've imagined. I love you." she said as she curled up next to him. She laid her head on his chest, and he held her close. He whispered 'I love you too.', and he kissed her softly. She kissed him back, pressing her lips against his harder. They kissed until they heard Gabe and Madison returning, then they just curled closer to each other. 

Gabe and Madison walked in together and they saw Chance and Brittany. They didn't laugh they just smiled. They were glad they were happy. They wanted Brittany to be happy, and with Chance, she lit up with happiness. They were happy for her. They laid down beside each other, and they fell asleep in each other's arms. Tonight was perfect. 

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