Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


6. Crumbling down...

They hadn't heard the heels clicking down the hall. They didn't hear them until they stopped in front of them. It was Michelle...

She glared at them with her brown eyes filled with hatred.

"What is going on here?", she glared. Then, she turned to Chance, and she looked ready to deck him in the face.

"Get away from her! She's not ready for guys, and all you want to do is get her alone! Get away from her, I said!" she yelled at him. Chance didn't look swayed at all. In fact, he put his arm around Brittany and pulled her closer. Michelle burned with anger. She finally pulled him away from her, but he slapped her. She shreiked, and he grinned.

"Hey, Brittany, have you ever gotten tired being yelled at so often, and her deciding your life? I'm sure you have, so how 'bout we show her you're NOT a slave?" he said deviously. Then he leaned in and kissed her lips slowly. Brittany's eyes got huge, after.

"Hey mom! What are you staring at? Jealous?", she said proudly. Then Michelle stomped away and she left Brittany there. 

Brittany was still in shock after her mom left. He just sat there grinning.

"That went well....and...umm...things happened....So, are you okay?" he said. She grinned brightly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Things happened. How did your ex take it by the way?" she said.

He looked at the ground, and he kicked his foot. "Well, she said, a lot...But, the main thing was...she said she knew what was going on. She hates you."

Brittany opened her eyes and looked at him. "What was her name?" she said. He looked at her like she was crazy, but he decided to answer.

"Ummm....Her name is Addison Polar." He held her a little tighter.

Then, the secretary came out and told them to go outside to their parents, because the school closed for the day. They walked hand in hand, out to his parents.

"Chance! What happened? You never miss the bus, not call, and then... Who's this and what just happened in there, that we don't know about?" his mom said worried. He rolled his eyes.

"Mom, it's nothing. I am allowed to date, you said so when I first started Jr. High. This is Brittany, I broke up with Addison. She wasn't who I thought she was. Can Brittany come over for dinner? She's having problems with her family right now." he said. 

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