Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


2. Closer and closer...


"It's getting closer to the holidays...", Brittany thought. All of a sudden the silence of the house was broken by a loud shout.

"Brittany!! Get over here now!", Brittany's mom shouted at her.

"Okay mom, be there in a minute.", Brittany said quietly. As she got up, she brushed her honey brown hair from her face. She walked to face her mom.

"Brittany! Why is your room such a wreck? It's like a tornado hit our house. Do you not realize that we will have company over soon?! Go, now!", her mom yelled. As her mom glared at her, her brown eyes were piercing into Brittany's own dark green eyes. 

"Okay mom. I'm going.", Brittany said actually annoyed.

As she walked to her room, she didn't see her dad suddenly walk out of her brother's room. She ran into her dad and she knew what was coming to her now.

"Ouch! What was that for, you jerk?!", she blurted out. The second blow to her cheek came down fast. She wanted to cry, it hurt so bad.

"Okay. I'm sorry...", she whispered as she walked out. 

She sat down on her bed and she tried to blink away the tears that welled up in her eyes from the pain. She silently laid down and she finally let the tears pour down her face.

"I hate this. I don't know why I even try to hold this back anymore. Why me?", she whispered to herself. She knew that it would be worse if she didn't get cleaning. She got up and pulled her hair in a messy bun and got to work. 

She got up from her bed, and she realized that her mom would be coming in anytime to check her work! "Omigosh! I fell asleep! I'm screwed!", Brittany said loud enough for her to hear it.

She jumped up and shoved all the clothes into her dresser as fast as she could and she ran to the mirror. She hurried and fixed her hair, and tried to get the tired look off her face. Then, the footsteps came stomping down the hall.

"Shoot! Mom! I think I need some more time to finish the closet and all.", she shouted before her mom came through the door.

"Fine! But, it better be done by five, or you won't be getting any dinner this evening.", her mom said surprisingly calmly. Then, her mom walked away. 

"Omigosh. That was close!", Brittany sighed in relief. She went to the closet and started to redo the clothes and fold them up. 

After an hour, the room was actually good enough to fit her mom's standards. The beds were made, the clothes in the closet were folded and re-organized, the clothes in the dresser were folded, her sister's costumes were in their place, the toys were in the toybox, everything was in it's place. Brittany fell on her bed and sighed. Her mom would be coming in soon to check her work, she hoped it'll be done. Brittany was exhausted from all the work. 

Then, right on que, her mom came walking into the room. She scanned the room, like she was expecting the room to be trashed. But, to her surprise, the room was perfectly clean.

"Finally, you got something right. I expect it to stay like this.", her mom said like she was actually disappointed. Brittany kinda felt some self pride that she had shown her mom up.

"Yah, okay.", Brittany said trying to hide the smile that she wanted to show. Her mom walked out of the room swiftly to get away from the embarrassment. She had been cut down to size by a thirteen year old, and Brittany was proud of it.


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