Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


28. Christmas Eve....

Today was Christmas Eve. They woke up to pancakes again, and they were all in such a good mood. There was a Christmas tree up, there was snow outside, and they were together. How much better could it get? 

Chance woke up with Brittany still asleep on his chest. He loved her so much. He let her sleep, he held her close. She was so cute as her eyes searched unknown places high above. Her face wasn't as pale as usual, her cheeks had some color in them today. That made him feel great. 

She woke up a few minutes later to him humming. She woke up and smiled a little. Not much, but it made him happy. She wasn't tired at all, she was up and fresh as a daisy. He grinned.

"Morning. How did you sleep? You're looking better today, and you have some color in your cheeks. Magic must have rained last night." he said smiling at her. She lifted herself up, and she smiled. It didn't hurt, the cut was almost gone. Just a little scab now. He brushed it with his hand. 

"Magic really must have rained last night, it's almost gone. You can smile now. I'm so happy. I love you." he said and kissed her cheek. She smiled. 

"I guess so. Last night was magical. Oh, my gosh! Do you know what day it is?" she said with excitement. He nodded. 'It's Christmas Eve!' they said in unison. They burst out into quiet laughter, trying not to wake Gabe and Madison. 

Gabe and Madison woke up to see Brittany and Chance kissing under the mistletoe hung above the tree. They laughed.

"You found it! Go Chance!" Gabe cheered. They turned and giggled. Brittany's face got red as a rose. Gabe laughed. 

"Awwwe, Brittany got busted making out with her boyfriend. Don't worry, we won't tell." Madison giggled. Brittany's face got even more red, and Chance grinned.

"Hey, it's a holiday tradition. I'm just keeping it alive." Chance said. They all laughed. They got up and ate the pancakes, and they burst out laughing again. No reason to laugh, but they kept laughing. After the laughter died down, they cleaned up and talked about the day. After only a few minutes, they decided to spend the day there. They needed a day to rest and spend together. 

They all sat on the huge couch and watched some tv. They laughed a lot, and they even got up and listened to some Christmas music. They danced together, like they were at a ball in old times, and they smiled a lot. It was really fun, and they were all excited for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, they'd spend Christmas together, and they'd give gifts, and just have a whole day together. It was going to be amazing. They couldn't wait. They kept thinking about it as they twirled and danced around the room. This was more than any of them had ever dreamed. They were here together with the love of their lives. It was the perfect life and they had everything they needed. Nobody to hold them back from each other, this was what Christmas was about. Spending time with those you love, remembering the day the savior was born. They were all so grateful.

Chance and Brittany were thinking about the same thing. Tomorrow. They would give the other their gifts, and they would all spend the day together and happy. Maybe it will even snow. It was going to be as magical as last night. They had such a great time, then they laid down together. Side by side, and they slept. It was magical, and it felt good to know that they would never leave your side for another. They were sleeping beside you, and they love you, that's what made you feel so good. Tomorrow would be better than that. That's what they kept thinking about. 

Tomorrow was going to be perfect.

They spent the rest of the day together and they were all hyped up for that evening. They ate dinner that was left for them at the door, and they laid down and talked. They were so excited. They kept talking about the plan for tomorrow, it was going to be great. It was getting late, so they cuddled up beside each other. The girls were tired, so they fell asleep fast, beside their guy. They may be young, but their love was just as real as any love and adult could have. They loved each other so much, tomorrow was going to be a day where their past was destoyed. No memory of beatings, pain, hate, stupidity, heart break, or anything like that. The guys fell asleep with their girls in their arms. 


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