Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


29. Christmas Day...

They all woke up early, and they all felt that adrenaline rush as they opened their eyes. The guys were holding their girls tight, and they were excited inside to give them the gifts. Neither of them could wait to see the girls' faces light up when they saw what they got them. The girls deserved more, but this was the best they could do, it just didn't feel like enough. Loving them wasn't enough, but it was enough to make them smile. 

The girls felt safe in their guy's arms. They loved them to infinity and back. It felt good to be loved, but it felt better to love and be loved in return. It was amazing. They felt so special, and they knew that this wouldn't end. 

They got up and they all started that crazy laughter again. They laughed way too much, but it was fun. They opened the door to find a cart of cinnamon rolls, cookies, and orange juice. It was so thoughtful. They decided to open gifts first.

"Okay! Ladies give gifts first. Joking, joking. I have my gift for Madison first." Gabe joked. Madison grinned. 

He passed her the box, and she opened it. She shreiked, and ran to embrace Gabe. The necklace was amazing. She was so happy. She put it on immediately, and she beamed. 

"Now, it's my turn to give Brittany her gift!" Chance said, grinning. He ran over to the tree, and pulled a small box from under it. He passed it to Brittany, with a hopeful look in his eyes. She smiled at him, and opened it. Her hand flew to her mouth, and she embraced Chance. 

"This is incredible, Chance! Omigosh, I love it. I love you.", she said tears in her eyes. He hugged her back and he beamed. He slpped the band on her wrist and she beamed. 

"Now, I get to give Gabe his gift!" Madison exclaimed. She ran to the tree and pulled out the biggest box. She passed it to Gabe. His eyes got huge. 

"What did you do, rob a bank? Gosh, girl." Gabe said jokingly. He opened it and he squealed like a little girl. He held the jacket in his arms and he picked up the cologne. He beamed. Chance rolled his eyes. Sometimes even guys can be super stupid. 

Brittany smiled. 

"Now, Chance's gift. I really hope you like it." Brittany said. She took the final gift from under the tree, and she passed it to Chance. He smiled and took it. He opened it and he embraced Brittany immediately. The band was amazing. A dragon design, with a 'C' on it. It was absolutely amazing. He loved it. 

They all called a group hug. Today was the best day ever. After that, they went and ate the cinnamon rolls. They all felt super happy, and they felt the love in the room. They all were smiling. 

They sat down and they held each other close. It was perfect, and nothing could ruin the moment. They were enjoying the silent joy of the day. Christmas was just too perfect this year, and they loved it. 

Gabe and Madison held hands in the dim light of the Christmas tree, and Brittany and Chance laid together under the mistletoe, and holly. They stared into each other's eyes, all lit up with love, and joy. 

Chance kept thinking. The day was perfect, and he had the girl he loved with him to celebrate it. Christmas was meant to celebrate the birth of the savior, and love for everyone. He had the people he loved in this room. He may not know Madison, or Gabe very well, but they were family now. Brittany was family. He loved her to death, and this was what the holiday was about. He kept thinking about that. She was here in his arms, under the mistletoe, and the dim lighting of the Christmas tree. She was beautiful. He loved her...

Gabe was thinking the same. He didn't know Chance very well, but he loved Brittany and Brittany loved him, so he was family. He knew Madison, and Brittany, and he loved them both. He loved Brittany as a friend, and as family. Brittany was family, and she deserved every bit of joy she got. Madison, he loved her to death. She was family, and he loved her. This amazing girl, holding his hand, head on his shoulder, so close to him. He loved her, and it felt good to know that she loved him in return. 

They all felt like the person next to them was more than they deserved. But, they all felt loved. Today was perfect, and they all felt it. They were all wearing their gifts and they were laying in each other's arms. This was the best day ever. They were all laying with the person they loved, at a hotel room in New York, together. What could make this any better? 

They laid beside each other, and they thought of what was going to come. They could only live of kindness for so long. They were all worried about what was to become of their lifestyle soon. They all knew that considering all the bad that had come to them, thre was only good to come to them. They hoped that was true, at least. They tried to keep that off their minds, but they couldn't help thinking it in the back of their minds. 

Gabe got up and he went and lit the fireplace. Nobody had really noticed it, but he did. He lit it and they all sat together around it. It wasn't much, but it was something that was important to the moment. They cuddled close, and they had their arms around each other. Staying warm was easy. They were all warm, and close. 

They could all agree on what this day was, as it came to an end. This truly was a Christmas of Perfection... 

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