Christmas of Perfection

Christmas is just around the corner, but will it be the way we hope this year? Will it be the perfect christmas we all hope for, or will it be ruined this year... again?


8. Adjusting

Brittany woke up with Chance by her side reading.

"Morning.", she said as she rubbed her eyes.

He smiled, "Morning beautiful. How'd you sleep?"

She smiled sleepily, "Good. You?" 

"Good." She sat up and tried to wake herself up. He put his arm around her.

"So, what time is it, Chance?", she said trying to sound awake. "It's about 6:30. Did I wake you up?", he responded.

She smiled, "Nope, I just woke up on my own." 

He put his book down, and got up.

"We went out to town last night after you went to sleep. I have a surprise for you... You're gonna like it." he said grinning brighter than usual. She grinned back.

"Should I be worried? What did you get?"

He smiled and went to the closet. Suddenly, he pulled out a beautiful blue dress with a pair of white flats.

"Oh my gosh! Chance! Why did you get this for me? This is so sweet! Oh, gosh, this is so pretty." she gasped.

He just smiled.

"I hoped you'd like it. I thought since you are gonna be staying here, we might as well get you something to wear. And, I just like you that much."

She stared in awe.

"This so sweet. I cannot believe you would do this for me. It's so amazing. I love you.", she said happily.

"I love you more." he said. 

His mom came in the room. "Good morning Brittany! I take it you saw what Chance got you. He woke us up at eleven, and said we had to go and get you something. He's so picky about things sometimes. You two will need to get ready for school soon, the bus gets here at 7:20 am sharp. Breakfast is on the counter. Let's hurry you two.", she said calmly. 

Brittany took the dress still admiring it, and went into the bathroom to change. When she came out, Chance was standing there smiling.

"You look beautiful in it. It looks perfect on you." She smiled at the ground. "

Thanks...", she said blushing. 

They raced down to breakfast, and Brittany won this time. Even in a dress.

"Hey! No fair, you gotta head start, cheater!" he yelled, jokingly.

For breakfast, it was sprinkled pancakes, and scrambled eggs. They both sat down at the table and his mom served them each 3 pancakes. As Chance stuffed his face, his mom got his bag together, and told him about how this was going to work.

"Chance, the bus will be here in ten minutes, and she'll be riding home with you. If her mom comes to get her at the school, tell her she can come and talk to me about it. I don't think the environment Brittany was in, was a safe one, or a happy one at that. And, try to avoid a whole lot of 'PDA'. I'm sure her friends will wonder about this whole thing. She has a lot to deal with already.", she said calmly. They finished their breakfast and got their backpacks on. 

As they walked out the door, they slipped their hands into the others. And, you wouldn't believe how many people stared in jealousy. 

When they got on the bus, they sat down beside each other, still hand in hand. They talked about how they were going to break the news to their friends. they decided to tell them straight out. As the bus pulled into the school, they stood up. 

Madison ran up to her. "Hey! Whoa, what happened overnight, or do I want to know?" she said confused.

Brittany laughed, "I'll explain in a bit." she said.

"Chance, hey, I'll see you after 1st period.", she said.

He grinned, "Okay, I'll see you later. Love you!" She grinned even brighter.

"Love you too!", she beamed. 

Madison finally had enough confusion.

"Okay, yesterday, you two weren't friends. Now you two are like, 'Love you!'. What the heck happened here?"

Brittany knew she'd have to explain. 

"What happened was, he told me he had a gf and didn't to hurt me by being so close and he was taken. So, he caught up with me and we talked it over, missed the bus. And, things... happened.... I got kicked outta my home, stayed at his place. And yeah. He and I are... a thing now." she said trying to keep things simple.

Madison was in shock.

"WTF?! You two hate each other, then 'things happened' and you are dating?!..... That's awesome!!!! Congrats girl!" Brittany knew Madison can be so unpredictable. You think she's mad, and it turns out that she's thrilled. You never know. 

Gabe came running up at them wondering what they were talking about.

"Hey! What did I miss? I feel like I missed a lot... Hey, why's Chance so smiley today? He waved at me and grinned, that's not normal at all. Can I ask where you were last night and what you did?" he said.

Brittany rolled her eyes.

"Quit being so dirty. But, I'm gonna scare you. I was at his house, sleeping. Okay, don't freak!! Madison will explain later. I don't want to have to give every detail yet. Gabe was freaking out.

"WHAT?! You were at his house, asleep. Can you please explain what's wrong with that picture?" Brittany rolled her eyes. Today was gonna be fun. 

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