The WRONG Christmas Story That Turns RIGHT

This story is about a brother and sister that had a wrong Christmas.It might sound like what the heck are you talking about? But if you read this then you will find out what i mean.But then this woman comes that Santa sent ,but they don't know that. She is an elf human size ,elf ears ,but how can she fit in with elf ears? And she tries to help out a family into the Christmas spirit again but is she able to do it?


2. The Spirit

    Once upon a time, Santa was in his workshop preparing for Christmas and checking the list for a second time now ,but he started to hear rumors about a family called the Rivers. So he got his list ,for a now third time, and looking for the Rivers but he didn't seem to find them. He was talking to the elfs about "The Rivers" and they said that they had no Christmas spirit at all and it was three weeks before Christmas and they were looking for a nanny. So Santa called an elf and said "Rosie I have a very special job for you but during whatsoever you may not,can not get emotionally attached to anyone or you can disappear forever!" and Santa was so serious he wasn't even flinching a muscle. "So can you do the job?" Santa had asked Rose "Well" she said "Well, what is the job?" "Oh, why yes the job you have to do is bring spirit, Christmas spirit back to this family called the Rivers and every where else you go" he said. "Why yes sir, you can count on me" and she was serious. So Santa did what he had to do. He made her ears normal and gave her the right clothing. She already was the size as a human but certainly didn't have "their" clothes. She had the new elf fashion it was very stylish. So off she went to the Rivers.

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