The WRONG Christmas Story That Turns RIGHT

This story is about a brother and sister that had a wrong Christmas.It might sound like what the heck are you talking about? But if you read this then you will find out what i mean.But then this woman comes that Santa sent ,but they don't know that. She is an elf human size ,elf ears ,but how can she fit in with elf ears? And she tries to help out a family into the Christmas spirit again but is she able to do it?


3. Found the place?

    When Rosie was on her way she had forgotten to ask Santa something. So she called him on her new "Jingle Phone 4" ,which by the way is the most up to date phone in fashion and tech ,but one flaw it was one of the easiest phones to brake good thing Santa owned a workshop huh, and it could reach anyone in the North Pole. When Santa finally answered the phone he said "So how's everything going Rosie?" "Well you see" Rosie was saying "Um…..I sort of have a problem" "A problem?" Santa was saying "What kind of problem have you seem to run into" "Well I can't seem to find where they live can you tell me?" said Rosie "Well I'll try but keep searching until then" said Santa "Yes sir" said Rosie and the search went on. JINGLLEEEEE!!! JINGLLEEEEE!!! Rosie nearly fell out of the sled , which btw's is the newest coolest car now so, when she finally realized it was her Jingle Phone 4. It is Santa! YAY! She was thinking to herself. He finally found were they lived! She answered her phone and said"You found them? Were do they live?" "Well" Santa was saying "We found their house and where they live but their not home" "That's ok" Rosie said "Have a nice day Santa" "You to" said Santa.


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