The WRONG Christmas Story That Turns RIGHT

This story is about a brother and sister that had a wrong Christmas.It might sound like what the heck are you talking about? But if you read this then you will find out what i mean.But then this woman comes that Santa sent ,but they don't know that. She is an elf human size ,elf ears ,but how can she fit in with elf ears? And she tries to help out a family into the Christmas spirit again but is she able to do it?


1. The Meaning of Christmas

    Well I'm really sorry that this isn't part of the book really but I just wanted the people that don't know what Christmas is to know before they read this book. So I'm sorry if you already know I guess if you wanted to you could just skip this chapter. So lets get started. Christmas is the time of the year that family's get together and have fun spending time with each other. Some people just like Christmas for the presents and candy but thats not what it's only about. The real truth about Christmas is the birth of Christ. Christmas is the day Jesus was born. The day he became our little angle is what some people like to say. It is a day on December 25 every year but we don't give him presents because he is in heaven. So parents and family give presents to their children and family. But don't forget that there is even one more person that gives you presents on Christmas to. Do you know his name? Well even if you don't know what Christmas is you have to know who this person is well it starts with an S and ends with an a S…a. Well it's SANTA he gives you present and fills you stocking with wonderful things unless….you have been a bad kid ,then he will put coal in your stocking and what kid likes coal? Coal is used to cook on the grill. So that should pretty much sum up what Christmas is. It is a very important time of the year. LIsten out for some Christmas songs to they always get me into the spirit!

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