Global Warming false fact book

Evidence proving the other "Evidence" wrong about global Warming


3. Why us humans and our fossil fuels aren't producing "Global Warming"

         Chapter 3


      Just like that scientist I talked about in chapter 1, some people believe that humans are producing global Warming. They think it's from  using "fossil fuels", and polluting the earth. Energy security is real...  Global Warming isn't . We, humans understand that we need moderation with our fossil fuels.  We aren't going to just go out and decide to pollute the earth without a single thought in our mind of moderation. We ARE going to make sure we aren't polluting the earth, or using to much of out fossil fuels.

     People also believe that some of the fossil fuels we use, are breaking through the ozone layer, letting the sun warm the earth easier. But don't you wonder, wouldn't the earth warm all at once if this happened? It wouldn't warm in a long period of time if this were the case.  If the fossil fuels broke through the ozone layer like this, we would of all died within a year, which is how much time it takes for the earth to fully orbit around the sun. The ozone layer is actually made by God to protect us from harmful stuff like that.

      People also believe that the reductions in the stratospheric ozone levels will lead to higher levels of UVB radiation, which "MIGHT", (prediction!)... give the ozone layer less protection. As you might tell, people who believe in global warming use predictions as facts, because they don't have enough evidence. Just like how much time it takes for the earth to orbit the sun... we all would be dead within a year if this happened.  We would of  even died sooner... because of  UVB radiation. Shouldn't we start worrying if there was UVC radiation? NOT UVB! UVB radiation is completely normal. We only get some of the UVB radiation... not all of it. The ozone layer is like a noodle strainer. The UVB rays have to be small enough to fit through the holes.  This is how we get our burn, when we are outside too long, but we don't go up in ashes! Sure we need sunscreen, but we don't need (save the earth) charities because of a simple sunburn. Sure.. cancer is linked to this radiation, but did you know that the sunscreen you use could give you cancer also. There are many things on earth that can give you cancer... that humans still use. If were not trying to stop cancer with the products we use... why try and "stop" the earth from changing it's natural seasons or..."Climate change"?, because it's "linked" to cancer?

        Back in the days there were WAY more mills with harmful gases that went through the ozone layer then we have now, but were horrified that were dying from the smaller amount we use now . Those people back in the days didn't die did they?  People who believe in Global Warming are believing in the scare tactic that people use when they want others to believe in it. Just like in chapter 1, people use tactics to try and make people believe in this hoax for money.


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