Global Warming false fact book

Evidence proving the other "Evidence" wrong about global Warming


2. Why are Polar Bears dying if Global Warming is false?

Chapter 2

You may wonder why the Polar Bears are  dying off more quickly than we expect. Polar bears are called endangered because they can only live in a certain climate, which means they live in certain continents. They don't live in a lot of continents because of this. They are all clumped together, so if a disease hits one, it hit's all of them in that area.

You can simply have 90 pieces of chocolate in your hand, and say they vanished because everyone's saying Global Warming did it; When really someone could of just eaten them. It's the same thing for Polar Bears. We shouldn't blame them dying because of Global Warming when there are millions of other ways that they can die off.  Besides, there are more Polar Bears stable than declining.  There is a disease that is killing off  a lot of the population called the Skin Leision disease. Polar Bears get this disease from their diet of walruses. Just because they don't increase drastically, doesn't mean we should blame all of the deaths on Global Warming.



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