Global Warming false fact book

Evidence proving the other "Evidence" wrong about global Warming


1. What the Government Doesn't want you to know

Chapter 1

         You may think Global Warming is true, because it's spread world wide. Or you may think that because the Government makes you pay taxes for Global Warming charities; that it must be true. Have you ever stopped to think HOW they were spending the money? Or WHEN they are going to spend it? Why save money, and give it to the government just for the heck of the earth warming?

          We don't know HOW to use the money and WHEN to act. Did you know that making Americans give taxes for Global Warming gives more power to the Executive Branch? Global warming is simply just another way the government can gain more  power. We are already under constant surveillance to "protect" us. They say that they look at everything we type to make sure were all not planning to murder someone. It's just like saying that they are looking into our diaries to make sure were not serial killers. Sounds Dystopian-like hmm?  They are using Global Warming to get this same power they want to control all our American lives. It might seem extreme... but the facts  are true. We are living under the blanket that shows us we are living in a perfect Utopian society (protected from outside the blanket), when really it's just a cage... trapping us. They soon will get more power if we don't stop this.

       We shouldn't blame Obama on any of this though surprisingly. Obama needs to get permission from the congress in order to perform something like this. The congress actually came up with this deal. Obama says he can't act as a monarchy, but don't you wonder... can the congress? Is the congress? The temperature hasn't risen in almost thirty years, so the government then decides to raise money for... "climate change". Well, isn't that normal? If the people in congress are smart enough to run a government, then how come they "believe" that the world is going to end because of the normality of seasons, they call a disaster heading toward the earth's destruction ? It's obvious. They do it for the charity money.

       Scott Pelley, said that the Bush administration is restricting who he can talk to about this, an "Editing the facts" or "Rewriting the science". James Hansen is a government scientists that reported such things to Scott Pelley.  James Hansen then states that he believes in Global Warming because of the Arctic and Antarctic melting. Seem suspicious? But there is one reason that this scientists believes this... humans. He believes that humans using fossil fuels might be the logical reason these regions are melting. 

     The Arctic actually has a higher ice rate of about 50% since 2012. It's 2014 now. That's two FULL years. Why are people claiming that it's getting colder then? You may ask. People believe that just because it has been colder at ONE POINT in history, that we are all going to die from this, "Global Warming" Or, "Climate Change". Why?



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