Global Warming false fact book

Evidence proving the other "Evidence" wrong about global Warming


4. The Ocean and Acidity levels are "not" to die for

        The people who believe in Global Warming look at the "facts" like ocean and acidity levels to try and prove their point correct. This is what I'm going to do, prove "my" point correct. This is just an example of how pathetic some people's comebacks can be who believe in Global Warming.

 "Well... scientists say it's true, especially NASA. And... the ocean and acidity levels aren't normal."

"So this is killing us? The levels of the ocean and acidity? You realize it rains, and no human on earth knows EXACTLY how much God might evaporate the water. Plus... the earth has sediment formation. There is going to be either, less.. or more sediment. We... HUMANS, can't control God's power in how much acidity is in the ocean either. The changing of these topics are normal. Why question them? It just doesn't make sense. Humans are so used to things like breaking the rules... but they focus on the amount of acidity in oceans instead of fixing their own lives. Poor ocean. Everyone's telling it it needs to change. (That was a joke, if you forgot to laugh.)

      And about the NASA thing, NASA will believe in anything they can earn money from in charity. It kind of makes sence, they are a huge organization.


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