You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


9. 9: She's not mine..

9: She's not mine..

Gemma's POV:

I was over the moon from yesterday, everything seemed surreal finally I had a place I belonged. Today I was going back to Annandale Hotel to gather some things and tell them that I was checking out, so mom and dad wouldn't have to pay for a room I didn't live in anymore.

Calum had agreed to drive me there as everyone else was busy doing something else. "Thanks Cal" I said as we drove along the road. "You're welcome Gem!" He snickered keeping his eyes steady on the road.

As I stepped inside the hotel I noticed something different. It wasn't the same staff as usual, they had probably gotten new employees. A tall guy with scruffy black hair had gotten my attention. "Cal, what do you think about that guy?" I nudged him in the side whispering into his ear.

He grimaced as he looked at me "Gemma, I'm not really into guys but thanks for asking". "No Calum, not you! Me! I think he's really cute, and I don't really have any girls with me so you're the only one I could ask.." I laughed hard, I knew he wasn't gay, but seriously he was so silly sometimes. One of the many reasons I loved him.

"Should I talk to him?" My hands were getting sweaty "I guess?" Calum looked at me furrowing an eyebrow.

"I wouldn't know what to say?"

"What do guys like to hear a girl say?"

Calum took hold oft arms roughly as he looks straight at me. "Gemma, you can do this, just say hi. But don't say anything stupid that might not be good. I believe in you woman! Now work what ya mama gave ya!"

I was stunned, in shock. Did Calum really just say all that?

"O-okay.. Here goes.." I stammered heavily. With clammy hands and a nervous heartbeat I slowly made my way over to the boy. "Hi.." I spoke out as confidently as I could. He turned around and gave me a kind smile "Hello, something I can help you with?"

I tried to think of something to say but I was blank.

"She wants to know if you want to hang out some time, right Gemma?" Calum came to the rescue making me blush in front of the cute guy. He looked at me for a second "Sure why not? I'm Jonathan by the way" he replied giving me a hand to shake.

"Gemma" I took the hand and shook it. He was really cute his blue eyes sparkled lightly in the dim lobby light. "Here's my number, call me when you get a chance" he handed me a piece of paper with a scribbled down number.

"Thanks" I choked out blushing. Jonathan then walked away, I glanced at Calum who smiled big at me.

"Calum! You totally embarrassed me!" I shouted in his face. Calum broke down in laughter and ran away to my hotel room. I followed him steaming with anger. "Calum Thomas Hood! Come here! You don't get to run away from me, you know I can outrun you right?"

Calum stopped at the door panting heavily "Fine you win! I'm sorry but I saw you needed the help so I just tried to help you"

"It's okay Cal! I love you! But next time just leave me to embarrass myself" I smiled hugging him tightly, he nodded "Of course Gem! Let's get all your stuff and go"

I opened the door to the amazing suite. Calum helped me pack everything down. When we were done I took a look at the place before turning off the lights following Calum down to the lobby and checked out.

We drove home to the boys and brought in my stuff.

"Guys.. You are never gonna believe what happened at the hotel!" I exclaimed as I entered the house. "What happened?" Michael smirked . "I met a cute guy, and I got his number. But Calum totally embarrassed me!" I chuckled sitting down on the couch.

Ashton's POV:

Did I hear correctly just now? She met a guy? My heart shattered into a million pieces. I loved her, but now it was too late to tell her how I felt. I didn't want to ruin anything for her.

"Are you going to ask him out?" Luke sat next to her on the couch. "I don't know, I want to.. But I don't want to seem desperate!"

"I think you should! Jonathan seems really cool, and I'm not into guys! Lol Gems you should do it" Calum encouraged letting out a soft giggle. Why am I listening to this?

I decided to go to my room. I shut the door and jumped onto my bed burying my head deep into the pillow. A single tear escaped down my cheek before I quickly wiped it away.

Really? I'm crying over a freaking girl! But she's not just any girl, she's Gemma for crying out loud! Now I know she'll never be mine. I couldn't just expect her to feel the same way I do, I can't force her to.

I just want her to be happy. And if Jonathan or whatever his stupid name is will make her happy then I'm happy. I just wish I was the one making her happy and nervous in a good way.

I looked through Twitter, Gemma had already updated something. I didn't bother reading it. Soon my eye felt heavy and I fell asleep.

Hi guys! Sorry for the long wait x I hope you liked the chapter, sorry if it's short and crappy, I've been having some writers block, but hopefully this chapter will help me move forward with this story x thanks for reading it!! xx

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