You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


6. 6: A new voice

Chapter 6: A new voice

My POV (Gemma):

"No! Not my mom too!" I yelled as I jerked awake covered in sweat. Sweat was dribbling down my forehead and cheeks. I noticed I was in a room. The walls in the room were covered with posters of Green Day and Nickelback.

I wonder whose room it could be? I thought I was supposed to sleep on the couch, well someone must have carried me in here when I dozed off last night. I heard rambling at the doorhandle.

The door then opened and a curly haired boy with tired eyes looked at me "Are you alright? I thought I heard you",

"I'm fine, it was just a bad dream, don't worry about it" I said wiping off the sweat.

"Hey you're sweating... The dream must have been really bad? Let's get you out of the bed and into the shower" Ashton said and lend me a hand "Whose room is this?" I asked curiously.

"It's my room. You fell asleep last night so I carried you in here, so that you could sleep" Ashton said with a quick tired smile. "Oh cool room you have. And thanks, so you slept on the couch?" I said

"Thanks, it's no big deal, I mean you were asleep and I just thought it would be better for you to sleep in here so we didn't wake you up with the tv" Ashton looked at me and brushed a strand of hair away from my forehead.

I hadn't really noticed what he was wearing, as I looked down, I saw he was wearing sweat pants and nothing else. His arms were actually quite muscly, he didn't have a sixpack but he was still slim and toned.

He looked quite good like that; and his hair curly and messy. "Ash?" I took his arm as he walked out of the room. "Mhmm?" He turned around "Do you have a towel I can use?" I looked at his arms flexing.

"Uhm, I think I have an extra in my room, let me just get it for you" He walked back into the room and came out with a towel. I took the towel and headed for the bathroom.

The door wasn't locked when I got there, so I assumed no one was in there. To my surprise a butt naked Calum was standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking at himself while he did some weird dance.

"Calum!" I shrieked "Oh shit! Gemma get out!" Calum yelled as he blushed furiously. When I closed the door I laughed so hard.

"What's the matter?" Luke came running from the living room. "Nothing, I just saw Calum butt naked! That's all. I couldn't hear anyone and the door wasn't locked so I assumed no one was in there" I laughed hysterically.

"Calum, that spas. He always forgets to lock the door, haha" Luke said sheepishly. The door opened and this time Calum was wearing his clothes. His face was still red from embarrassment.

"Sorry about that Calum, next time I'll remember to knock first. But you seriously need to lock the door!" I sad still laughing a little. "S'alright Gemma. Now you've seen me naked so it's not a big deal anymore, we got that out of the way right?" Calum smirked, slightly turning back to normal color again.

"Calum, you're such a doofus!" I said and slammed the door shut in his face, actually locking the door. I definitely didn't want an intruder whilst showering.

As I turned on the shower I started singing "She got a body like an hourglass but I can give it to you all the time. She got a booty like a cadillac, but I can send you into overdrive. See anybody could be bad to you, you need a good girl to blow your mind, yeah. Bang bang into the room (I know you want it) bang bang all over you (I'll let you have it) Wait a minute let me take you there. Wait a minute till ya, (aaaaah)" as I got to the rapping part I started rapping, trying to do it like Nicki Minaj "It's Myx Moscato, It's frizz in a bottle, It's Gemma full throttle, It's oh, oh, Swimming in the grotto, We winning in the lotto, Go, Batman robbin' it, Bang, bang, cockin' it, Queen Nicki dominant, prominent, It's me, Jessie, and Ari, If they test me they sorry, Ride us up like a Harley, Then pull off in this Ferrari". I was all out of breath, but I enjoyed singing and rapping in the shower, which was the place I usually did it.

I got out of the shower and put some clean clothes on. I looked myself in the mirror and thought 'well the boys might as well get used to me not wearing makeup all the time' I watched my face smiling slightly to myself.

I was alright wasn't I? I put on my favorite glasses and picked up my pyjamas as I headed towards the door to unlock it. I heard voices by the door "Stop it.." it faded away as I unlocked the door opening it.

"What are you doing?" I saw four boys standing by the door looking at me. "Well to be honest we heard you sing. When were you going to tell us that was something you were amazing at as well?" Luke had a stern yet playful look on his face.

"Sorry, but probably never, since I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't sing!" I shut the door and made my way out of the half circle the boys had formed.

"Come on, don't be like this! You know you can sing, why not let other people hear it?" Calum ran after me grabbing my hand. "Please stop Calum.. I can't do it okay." I pulled my hand out of Calum's grip and headed for the kitchen.

Ashton's POV:

I noticed Gemma getting uncomfortable and upset. "Guys, just let me do this. I'll talk to her" I followed her to the kitchen, the boys agreed. When I reached the kitchen I saw her leaning against the kitchen counter with her back facing me.


My heart was beating slightly fast and my eyes prickled almost at the edge of tears. I knew Calum didn't mean anything by it. Singing just wasn't in my comfort zone. I knew I could sing but only because Dani told me once.

She had tried to get me to sing in front of some people but I didn't want to, because I wanted to play football. Something had changed within me though. I wasn't going to pursue any kind of career as a singer, but I wanted to sing now. Just not in public.

"Gemma? Are you alright?" I heard the soft voice coming from Ashton. I turned around "I'm fine Ash, it's just.. I like singing but I don't want to do it public. At least not yet, maybe some time later in my life, right now football is the important thing in my life".

"I hear ya. You know if you don't want to sing in public you can always just sing with us here. You have an amazing voice, and we sure wouldn't mind listening to you" Ashton said as he walked closer to me.

"Thanks Ashton. You boys are all just such good friends, even though we only have known each other for two days now" I smiled shyly. Ashton looked at me and nodded, he then held out his arms and I knew I wanted a hug in that moment.

I stepped closer to him and embraced him in a hug. He was actually a really good hugger. I wouldn't have minded staying like that all day. I laid my head on his shoulder and we stood there for what seemed to be several minutes.

"Thanks Ash" I whispered gently against his shoulder shedding one single tear. "Always" he whispered back. We then parted looking at each other and smiled. We went back to the living room and I hugged Calum, telling him that it was alright and that I knew he didn't mean anything by it.

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