You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


5. 5: Sleepover

Chapter 5: Sleepover


"What time is it?" I asked looking at Ashton who was standing beside me, he looked at his worn out watch and said, "It's 8 now, why?" he looked me straight in the eyes.

"Nothing just wondered. I don't know if I should head back to the hotel" I stared at my feet. "You could always stay here?" Luke motioned and pointed at the couch.

"Yeah, it does sound better than being in a hotel room alone. You know what? I think I'll just stay," as I said the words I saw their faces light up.

"Really?" Ashton looked puzzled for a second then smiled. "Would one of you mind taking me back to the hotel, I need to have my toothbrush and pyjamas?",

Calum was already standing beside me, basically dragging me outside. "Okay, Calum's taking me" I laughed softly. I saw Ashton chuckling as he waved at us.

"Thanks for taking me Calum", "No prob! You're my friend now, and I always look out for my friends don't I?" Calum snickered and focused on the road.

"Of course Cal" I smiled to myself. I really had found some special people. I had only known them for a day but it seemed like I'd known them since forever.

That is something you only find with true friends and I had found four of them. "You know what would be great?" Calum said sudden, I shook my head"Hmm, no?"

" We could have a slumber party! That would be so awesome!" Calum sounded rather enthusiastic. "Yeah, that sounds nice. I actually have one movie or dvd or whatever you wanna call it. I always take it with me when travelling, maybe I could bring that?" I said,

"What is it?" Calum asked "Oh sorry, it's Ninja Turtles, if you're into that?" I saw the look on Calum's face.

"Wait, what? You like the Ninja Turtles?! We absolutely love them!" He was slightly driving faster. "Slow down there Calum" I joked "Sorry I just got so excited" he smiled "S'alright."

"Which one is it?" he stopped the car at Annandale hotel. "The 25th anniversary edition" I said "No way! We have been looking for that one for ages!" Calum's eyes were big, well as big as they could since they were pretty small.

"Well lucky for you that's the one I have". We went inside and I found what I needed and when I found the dvd, Calum insisted on holding on to it, I just nodded in agreement and grabbed the bag I had packed with pyjamas and everything.

"This is so cool! This is the best day ever!" Calum was acting like a child on christmas day. My heart felt warm as I thought about me and the guys spending time together. They were true honest and decent boys.

"I think I'll write a song about you guys" I looked at Calum who turned his head "What? A song? Are you also a songwriter?" he stared cheekily

"Never written a song in my life, but why not try it?" His face turned into a smirked grin "Julie Gemma, you are just too unpredictable, how do you do it?" I laughed at his outburst "That's just me I guess" I said.

"Haha, I love it!" Calum smiled and drove us back to their place. When we got there, Calum practically ran inside almost slamming the door in my face.

"Okay lads! Listen up, I have some important news! Our girlfriend Julie Gemma, has shown her true colors, I am talking green! I mean, like four green men with different bandanas, green!" Calum screamed

"Show me your hand!" Ashton yelled. Calum held up the dvd, the next thing that happened was indescribable. Imagine four boys running around in a house screaming with their hands in the air, cause that was exactly what happened.

"Are you done now? Calum why don't you tell them what we are doing now?" I was almost out of breath from laughing so much. "Oh yeah, sorry. Laddies, we are having a slumber party, now how about that!" Calum smirked. Everyone ran into their rooms grabbing blankets, pillows and came out in their pyjamas.

"Wow, that was fast. Do you mind if I just change here? You don't need to be shy, it's just like seeing me in a bikini." I smiled as the boys blushed a little. I quickly changed, and I didn't mind changing in front of them.

I could feel their staring eyes at my body, I had nothing to hide and I wanted them to accept me for me.

"Wow, you actually have big biceps, where did you get them? At the gym?" Michael said chuckling, "No I bought them online haha, Yes Michael at the gym.. my coach pushed me to do it. It is a must when you play professional football." I smiled at their reactions.

"What! That is why you were so good at it earlier. Is that also why you practically have a six pack, that looks amazing by the way!" Ashton said as I sat down beside him. I just nodded.

He smiled, I returned it. "Okay, everyone ready? I'm putting the dvd on now" Calum said and turned on the tv. Everyone nodded and cuddled up together.

I sat in the middle of Ashton and Calum, with Luke beside Calum and Michael beside Ashton. Suddenly my phone decided to ring. I saw it was a facetime call from my mom, I answered it "Hi mom!",

"Hi darling, how are you?" she smiled "I'm good and you?" I said "Fine thanks" she looked tired "Hello Mrs. Anderson I'm assuming. I'm Ashton, nice to meet you". Ashton leaned in front of the phone.

My mom's face grimaced and then turned into a tired genuine smile. "Hello Ashton nice to meet you too. Who is this Gemma?". "Mom, let me introduce you to the nicest and sweetest boys on earth. Ashton, Michael, Calum and Luke" I send the phone around so the boys could say hi to my mom.

"You have a lovely daugther, Mrs. Anderson" Calum exclaimed happily. "Why thank you, young man. You can all just call me Molly. They seem very nice darling. are you dating them all?" my mom always knew what to say to embarass me.

"Thanks mom. No..." I was cut off by Luke saying "Yeah, the four of us are her boyfriends", "What, no mom he's just joking" I laughed "Well, I just hope you'd consider one of them good enough for you, they all seem very reasonable and decent for my daughter. Remember boys, mommy here only wants the best for her little Gemma, okay!" they all nodded in response.

"Okay mother... Enough with the embarassment, talk to you later!" I said, waving goodbye and hanging up. "Gemma, that's what she calls you?" Calum asked, I nodded.

"Only three people in my life call me Gemma, my mom, my dad and well Dani when she was alive" I said "Can we call you Gemma too? By the way, your mom is so nice, and she looks like you" Ashton said softly running a hand through his messy curls.

"Thanks Ash, sure you can" I said leaning my head on his snoulder. We continued watching the dvd. I could feel my eyes getting heavier as I watched the dvd, soon I felt heaviness in my body and after that I fell asleep.

Ashton's POV:

As I watched the dvd, I thought about how lucky we all were to have found Gemma, which is what I call her now.

I looked to my right and saw the cutest angelic face, Gemma was sleeping; and she was sleeping on MY shoulder! "I think she's sleeping" I mumbled "Yeah she is, I can hear her light breathing" Calum whispered

"Maybe we should put her to bed?" Luke said playing with his lip piercing. "Yeah, I'll just put her in my bed, then I can sleep on the couch today" I said as I gently pulled my arm away from Gemma.

I got up and Calum helped me lift her from the floor. Her body was so light, yet so heavy at the same time. Her pretty head leaned on my chest, as I carried her to my room.

I put her gently down on my bed and softly flung the duvet over her. I heard Gemma mumble something I couldn't quite hear. "Don't, no stop it. Not real!" she squeaked jerking and then sat up.

Sweat dribbling down her forehead and her eyes wide open. A light came in from the living room striking her across the face, making her look like an angel. God she was beautiful.

Gemma looked around the room, my posters with Green Day and Nickelback were hanging on the walls. Gemma then looked straight at me, like she was looking into my soul and then fell onto the bed again fast asleep.

Yeah that was weird, but also kinda cute. Maybe she just had a bad dream. I went into the living room where the boys had fallen asleep on the floor. I turned off the TV and laid down on the couch.

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