You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


4. 4: Getting to know

Chapter 4: Getting to know

Ashton's POV:

Luke and I started with the ball. Julie Gemma was standing still looking at Luke who was dribbling around; she looked perfectly confident. She almost looked like a predator waiting for its pray.

I was standing behind Luke as some sort of 'flying' goalkeeper. Suddenly Julie ran towards Luke and without blinking she snatched the ball right in front of him running towards me. I ran towards her trying to snatch the ball, but to my surprise she threw the ball in the air with her feet; it went flying over my head and landed behind me, whereas Julie dribbled the ball down to our goal and placed it perfectly up in the left corner.

I was flabbergasted. Everyone was standing still, all of us were trying to process what had just happened. "You. Are. A. Football. Goddess!" Calum exclaimed happily. "Really?" Julie blushed, which looked really cute. "Yeah totally!" Luke said enthusiastically. "Thanks guys" she smiled lightly, "Julie Gemma, you surprise me! What else can you do? Or are you just going to keep surprising us?" I said out of breath.

"Not telling... I have more things to show, but you'll see soon enough" she said sheepishly. She was an extraordinary girl, no one was quite like her. I wondered just how many things she was able to do. She was talented.


I was laughing inside my head because of the boys' reaction. I may have forgotten to tell that I played football since I could walk and that I made England's national team last year.

My bad... We all decided to go inside again. "That was fun!" I laughed as the boys turned to look at me. Calum was needing the loo and headed to it. Luke sat down with Michael on the couch and Ashton headed for what I assumed had to be the kitchen.

I followed Ashton. "Oi! Phew.. You scared me girl!" Ashton said as he turned around seeing me standing in the doorway. "Haha, sorry Ash. I didn't mean to scare you. Are looking for food?" I smiled gently.

"S'alright. Yeah, I'm hungry and in need of some water" he said reaching for a glass. "You wanna know what else I can do?" I whispered softly, Ashton looked at me and nodded.

"Tell the boys to wait half an hour and I'll show you, now get out of the kitchen dear Ashton" I said giving Ashton a quick peck on the cheek; I noticed his face went slightly red.

He then nodded and walked out of the kitchen. Okay, I opened the cupboards in the kitchen and searched for some food. I found some pasta and some minced meat and some pepper tomatoes and onions.

I decided to make my 'famous' pasta bolognese. I put the pasta in the boiling water and started making the sauce. I chopped up onions, peppers and tomatoes. I then put the chopped vegetables in a blender with some olive oil and water.

I then fried the minced beef and then took the now blended sauce and poured it over the beef mixing it and tasting it with some salt and pepper.

When the pasta was done and the bolognese sauce was warm and done I called for Ashton and Calum. "Take these plates and knives and forks and these potholders, thank you boys" I said almost motherly,

"Wow, it smells delicious what is it?" Calum asked curiously. "You'll see" I said as I took hold of the bowl with pasta and the bowl with sauce. The boys had already sat down at the dining table and set it.

I sat the two bowls down and when the boys saw what it was they cheered happily. "Oh yeah, my favorite!" Ashton said "Mine too!" Luke said, eyes still on the food.

I sat down at the table and the boys put pasta and sauce on their plates. "Are you kidding me! I have never tried anything like this before! This is the best I have ever had! It's better than what you get at restaurants, yeah even better than my mom's" Michael said moaning, his mouth full.

"Thanks Mikey" I said smiling. "So this is another talent of yours?" Ashton said sheepishly, I just nodded playfully. "I always used to cook with Dani" I said choking a bit.

"Sorry, did it again" I looked at Ashton apologetically "Nothing to be sorry about. You know what would help? If you told the boys about her. If it makes you smile, I am happy" Ashton said nonchalant.

I nodded. "What are you talking about?" Luke asked "My best friend, Dani" I managed to say it without getting teary. "Okay let me tell you a story about the worst day and the best days of my life" I spoke, I told them about the accident and then about Dani.

Just like I told Ashton earlier this day. "Sorry for your loss and she sounds like she was amazing. I'm sure I would have loved meeting her" Calum said looking sad.

"I am sure she would have enjoyed meeting you guys, she would probably freak out right now, cause you know you guys are all good looking and she loved guys like you" I smiled to myself.

"Do you have a picture of her?" Michael asked sweetly. "Yeah" I grabbed my phone and found a picture of me and her together. "She was really beautiful. And so are you. Dani was right you know. You are beautiful and glasses really suit you" Calum said,

I smiled widely "Thanks Calum! You know, you remind me a bit of her. Not that you look like a girl but your attitude. You're both very happy and cares little what people think and you look out for your friends",

"Thanks Julie Gemma! You are a true star" Calum said, stood up from the table and walked over to me, hugging me tightly. "Thanks Calum. You know. I think Dani's the one who brought us all together. I mean no one can ever replace Dani, but I couldn't ask for anything better than you in her place!" My eyes teared up and I just couldn't hold back the tears "Sorry guys".

"Julie you are beautiful, even when you cry" Ashton looked at me and took my hand as he was sitting next to me. "Thanks". When we had all finished eating we put out the dishes in the kitchen and cleaned up.

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