You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


3. 3: New friends

Chapter 3: New friends

Ashton's POV:

"I really want to see her right now" I said looking at the boys. "Wow, you are so smitten" Michael said cheekily. "Alright, do you all wanna come or should I go alone?" I said

"You go, just ask her if she wants to come here and hang out" Calum called from the toilet. I nodded and threw on my jacket. I took the car in front of the house and drove all the way to Annandale hotel.

I could feel my heart racing; I was actually a little nervous. I stopped in front of the hotel and went inside.


'Riiiiiing' a loud noise woke me up, "Uumhpf, what is that noise?" I yelled into my pillow. "Oh right the hotel phone, maybe I should pick it up" I looked in the direction of the ringing noise.

I sat up and walked over to the phone and picked it up. "H-hallo?" I said roughly "Hello Miss Anderson, you have a guest, should I send him up?" the receptionist spoke softly.

"Him?" I said confused "Yes, it is a certain Mr. Ashton Irwin" the receptionist spoke. "Okay, send him up, thank you" I said and hung up.

Ashton hadn't forgotten me, he was already here. I was still in my pajamas! Okay, I quickly took it off and jumped in the shower.

I then heard a knock on the door. "The door is open, come in!" I yelled from the shower.

Ashton's POV:

I slowly opened the door to her room. It was incredible, it was the biggest suite I'd ever seen. "I am in the shower, you can just go into the living room, it is the door on the left!" I heard Julie's loud voice.

I opened the door to the left and found a room with a plasma tv and minibar plus a mini library. It was so cool. I sat down on the couch; it was so soft and comfy.


I hurried out of the shower and put on my favorite sundress; it was a gift from Dani on my 18th birthday. It was blue and white, and had spaghetti strops, it went down to just before my knees.

I quickly made my hair in a messy braid and put a bit of mascara and blush on. I then grabbed my favorite glasses; Dani always told me it was the real and beautiful me when I wore those glasses.

I didn't bother putting on contacts anyways. I walked into the living room. "Hi Ashton, sorry you had to wait, I just woke up thirty minutes ago" I said smiling. He turned his head and stood up from the couch. "Hi Julie Gemma Anderson! I almost didn't recognise you, you have glasses?" he smiled genuinely.

"Yeah, I normally wear contacts, but I wasn't feeling it today. I actually prefer glasses. My best friend always told me it was the real and beautiful me when I am wearing them" I said proudly.

"Well she is definitely right" Ashton smiled and stepped closer to me. "Thanks, I have to.. Oh yeah right.." Dani crossed my mind and I could feel tears pushing on.

"Sorry.." I said shyly, "Are you alright?" Ashton stepped closer to me; I could almost sense his cologne. "Yeah, I just thought of my best friend" I said "Oh, where is she?" Ashton said "Not here" My voice a little shaky.

"Is she back in the UK?" he asked "Yeah, kind of.." I said "Kind of?" he questioned "Yeah, she is here with me in spirit, and buried in the UK" I said looking down at my hand.

"Buried? She's..." Ashton looked at me astonished. "She died last year in a car accident, I sat beside her in the car. We hit a tree, and she died instantly" I spoke without blinking,

"Wow, I am so sorry.. I had no idea. I am sorry if I pushed you into talking about it" Ashton looked at me worried. "It's okay, I kind of brought it up myself, but I don't like to talk about the accident. I like to talk about the person and perfect best friend she was. When someone asks me about her, I always talk about her with a smile, she's worth everyone of my smiles" I said studying Ashton's face.

"I would love to see you smile. Would you tell me about her?" Ashton tucked down in his shirt "Sure. Ashton you are really kind. You don't have to listen to me blabbing about her" I said and sat down on the couch, Ashton followed me to the couch.

"If it makes you smile, I wouldn't have it any other way" he snickered and sat down. I told Ashton everything there was to know about Dani; how we met, what she was like, our favorite things to do together, the silliest things we would do and how great a friendship we had.

"Amazing, she really seemed like a great friend. I can understand why you loved her so much" Ashton said "Thanks, you are the first honest boy I have ever met, who actually listens to what I say. You're also the first boy I have talked to about this. Thank you for listening" I smiled softly to Ashton; he returned a sweet smile.

"No prob Julie. Hey listen, what do you say to coming with me to my home where the other boys are and hang out with us, get your mind somewhere else?" he said "Yeah, great idea. It's like you already know me.. I was just thinking I needed to get out of here and clear my head, thanks Ashton" he was so cool, it felt like we already knew each other well.

"Great! Do you have everything you need? The car is right out front" he smiled and opened the door to the hallway. "Yeah I'm fine lets go" I said and shut the door locking it.

We reached the car, got in and drove back to the boys' place. It was a subtle little house in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. "We're here, welcome to my humble home!" Ashton cracked a smile.

We went inside; met by a loud noise, three boys came running. "Heeeey! Look who it is! It's Julie Gemma and our little Ashton!" Calum flew around my neck and hugged the life out of me.

"Hi Calum, nice to see you too" I said almost out of breath. "Yay! You remember my name!" hi cried out. "Yeah why wouldn't I?" I said softly "Yeah you're right, most people don't remember my name."

"Alright Calum, you need to let her breathe" Michael laughed harshly. "Oh yeah, right sorry about that. I am just so excited to see you again" he said stepping back.

"It's alright Calum. I don't know why people don't remember you, you are very easy to remember!" I said cracking up. "Well our fans remember me, but not other people" Calum said finding a chair to sit on.

"Now it's my turn. Hi Julie nice to see you again" Luke smiled and gave me a hug. "You too Luke" I said. "Hey Julie welcome to our home" Michael chuckled and hugged me.

"Alright what should we do?" Ashton asked. "Hmm I don't know? Are you the type of guys who knows how to play some football?" I said.

"Yeah sure" they all said in unison. "Okay, let's do it!" Calum said and opened a door to a big garden. "Alright, I'll be the referee!" Michael shouted "I want to be on a team with Julie Gemma!" Calum rushed over beside me taking my arm, "Okay, I'm down with that." I said, walking with Calum to our end where a goal was sat.

"I guess that leaves us then Ash" Luke said and walked down to the other end of the lawn where another goal was standing. "Yeah!" Ashton said and ran after Luke. "Alright! This is how I whistle, now start!" Michael shouted pouting his mouth making a loud screechy noise.

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