You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


11. 11: Date? And disaster

11: Date? And disaster

Gemma's POV:

"Gemma, you awake?" I heard Calum's rough morning voice beaming through my ears. "Yes.. Is everything alright?" I turned my head to the direction of Calum's voice and met two soft dark brown eyes staring at me from the side of the sofa. He smiled slyly, still hiding some of his face behind the sofa.

"Everything's fine.. But now that you're up could you make breakfast? I'm starving and I think Luke wants extra bacon.." He smiled and patted my head lightly. He smacked his lips and turned his heels. What the hell? Had I become their personal chef now?

I slowly sat up on the sofa. Still sleepy, I rubbed my eyes with both hands flat on my face. I practically rolled down from the sofa reluctantly getting up and walking like a zombie to the kitchen where I was met with four smiley faces.

"Good morning, is this the morning committee?", giggling I stepped into the kitchen hugging all of them. They normally didn't go into the kitchen in the morning before I had made breakfast. I wonder what was going on.

"Is everything alright?"

They all nodded. "Nothing, we're just amazed that we got up before you!" Calum snickered, he slapped my arm and led me to the stove, expectantly waiting for me to make breakfast.

"Do you want me to show you how to do it?" I got everything ready and started pouring it out on the pan.

"Are we part of Gemma's TV kitchen now?" Michael laughed sitting on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"Sure Mikey.. So you just do like this and then you flip the pancake"

I demonstrated how the pancake toss should look like. The boys watched with eager eyes. Luke protested that he could do it better and took the pan from me. Instead of actually getting it to land back on the pan, Luke managed to make it land on top of my feet, which resulted in me screaming like a little girl. The pancake burned my feet and I quickly ran to the bathroom and put them under a cold shower.

"Luke you stupid shit! You burned my freaking feet!"

The pain was bearable, it wasn't too painful but it still hurt a lot. I wasn't wearing any socks so my bare feet where now red and a tiny bit swollen.

"I'm sorry Gem! It was an accident.." Luke was standing in the door entrance to the bathroom. "Clearly.. Thanks a lot Lukey, now my feet look like two big strawberries but gross."

I turned my head to look at Luke, a little smile crept onto my lips. "You know I love you! Please can you help me up from here?"

His face turned back to normal and he relaxed more. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up from the bathroom floor. "Well I guess that's one way to ruin TV kitchen" Michael grunted as we stepped back into the living room.

"I don't think TV kitchen, is my thing though. At least Luke shouldn't be there when it's happening" I gave Luke a light punch on the arm. He stuck out his tongue and acted like he was really hurt.

"Sorry Lucas, but I can't have you near the kitchen again" I looked at him with a serious expression and then burst into laughter with the other guys, he knew I was right though and he started laughing as well.

I went to the kitchen and finished breakfast for them to eat. After that I decided it was time to call Jonathan and ask him out.

"Yes?" I heard crispy voice on the other end of the line

"Hi Jonathan.. It's Gemma, you met me at the hotel"

"Oh hi, what's up?"

"I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go on a date?"

"Ahem.. Sorry Gemma I thought I told you I have a girlfriend? I thought you and the guy you were with were together, that's why I said yes to hanging out"

Jonathan's word had me disappointed, but how could he know that I wasn't with Calum? I felt really bad now. "Oh did I say date? I meant hang out!" I tried to cover up the embarrassment, my face turned red and I think Calum noticed.

"You okay?" He whispered as he sat down beside me.

I nodded.

"Alright, actually my friend is having a party tonight, do you want to come?"

That made me a little happier "Yeah sure!"

"Cool, you can bring some friends, the more the merrier!" Jonathan chuckled into the phone making me smile.

"Cool, I'll see you later then" I replied happily, even though a part of me wished he hadn't turned me down.

"Yep, I'll text you the details, like the address and stuff" Jonathan chimed before hanging up.

I put down the phone and called to a family meeting. "Alright guys what are your plans for tonight?" I looked at them all as they sat together in the couch.

"Nothing much.." Luke said "Nope.." Michael added nodding "Same here" Calum joined in which left us Ashton who looked as if he was zoning out. "Ash how about you?" Calum gave him a gentle push "What? Yeah sorry, I'm free" Ashton smiled lightly.

"Okay, so Jonathan sort of turned me down, he's got a girlfriend, whatever.. But he invited me to his friends party and said I could bring some friends. Do you want to come?" Eyes were big as I looked at them expectantly.

"Sure why not?" Luke grinned, the other three nodded in agreement. "Yay! Great, I'm so excited!" I ran into Calum's room where most of my stuff was lying around figuring out what to wear for the party.

"Excuse me, what are you doing?" Calum cleared his throat behind me. "I don't know what to wear!" I hissed throwing all of my clothes onto Calum's bed. He walked around and studied the bed.

"What about this, then pair it with your white sneakers?" Calum held up a cute sundress with flowers on it and spaghetti straps. "Calum! You're so good at finding clothes for me! You should totally be my stylist!" I flung a round his neck hugging him and grabbed the dress from his hand.

"I have to shave!" I threw the dress back in Calum's face and started for the bathroom.

"Tell me when you're done!" Calum shouted after me, I pretended like I didn't hear it. Okay, where's the shaver? Oh yeah I left it over here. I grabbed the shaver lying by the window an started shaving my arms and legs. Maybe there would be hot guys tonight so it's always good to be prepared. Or maybe Jonathan didn't actually have a girlfriend and just played hard to get, either way I have to be prepared.

Finally done with the shaving! I took a quick shower and threw the towel around me leaving the bathroom. "Alright I'm done now Cal!"

"Oh shit!" I stumbled on one of Luke's shoes and smashed into someone coming my way. "Fuck are you okay? Whoaa you're naked!" Ashton stepped back and covered his eyes with a hand.

"My towel!" I quickly grabbed my towel, red with embarrassment I looked down and ran for Calum's room. Quickly finding my clothes I put it on and dried my hair. The boys have started getting ready.

What should I do with hair and makeup?

I put my hair into a messy bun and put on some blush, mascara and lipgloss on. That's good, I thought as I looked into Calum's mirror before exiting the room.

"Okay, I'm done now. How do I look?" I stepped into the living room posing as the boys came running from each direction.

"Damn.. If I didn't know you I would totally bang you!" Michael blurted looking at me with a hungry look in his eyes. "That was a bit insulting btw! So now that you know me you wouldn't want to bang me?" My hand were on each side of my hips and I did my power pose.

"Uhm.. Eh. Gems you know what I mean.. You're still fuckable don't get me wrong, but it's just weird now we're so close and I kind of see you as a sister." Michael awkwardly tipped on his toes, letting out a small laughter.

"Oh.. Right" I finally realised what he meant. Of course it was a little weird, but I was so happy he thought of me as a sister.

"You look amazing" Calum said "because I picked out the dress" Calum's face was beaming of proudness. I just shrugged it off and found my sneakers. Luckily the sneakers would cover my red and burnt feet. I slipped them on and found my purse.

"You look beautiful Gemma" Ashton stood beside me flushed red in the face. I felty cheeks burning a bit. He looked gorgeous. He was wearing skinny jeans a black shirt and a red flannel. His hair was tied up with his favourite red bandana. He was just perfect to look at. I was the first time I'd actually tried to look at him properly. "Thanks Ash, you look great as well" I replied with a red face.

"Thanks Gems" Ashton's face turned bright red as well. We were both blushing and I think the others had noticed. "Are you guys okay?" Luke asked walking up to us. "Yeah we're good" I stammered "so you're ready to go?"

They all nodded and we got into the car. When we arrived we argued about who would stay sober in order to get everyone home, in the end Luke gave in and promised to stay sober.

"Gemma you came! And you brought friends! Great" Jonathan came stumbling out of the house. The house was as big as a mansion and it was surrounded by drunk young people.

"Hi Jonathan, this is Calum who you already met, Ashton, Luke and Michael" I smiled nervously. I had never been to this kind of party before.

"Nice to meet you guys. Gemma this is my girlfriend Evie" Jonathan fiddle a gorgeous girl behind him in front of me. Of course he would never go out with someone like me when he has a girlfriend that pretty.

"Damn.." Calum whispered into my ear making me even more embarrassed.

"Hi nice to meet you Evie" I held out a hand.

"Nice to meet you too Gemma. I see you brought some boys, I'm sure there are some friends of mine in there who'll be very happy" she smiled, a gorgeous smile that only models should own, and shook my hand.

She seemed very nice, not bitchy like I feared she could've been. "Yeah they're all single so problem there!" I returned the smile. She took me by the hand and dragged me inside. "Come on let's get you a drink, Jonathan will take care of the boys. I'll introduce you to my two friends as well" Evie seemed very eager.

Her black hair was flowing around her face, her shiny grey eyes sparkled wildly, her loose crop top was slowly starting to crawl up and her tight shorts very very short. I could never pull an outfit like that off. I was kind of envious, she was just beautiful and then there was me.. I might be fit and all that but I wouldn't say gorgeous or beautiful.

"Here you go a drink" Evie handed me a red cup with some dark liquid, it tasted like rum and coke. "Thanks".

"Okay, so Gemma this is Carey and this is Holly." She introduced me to, two girls also gorgeous like her Carey with blonde hair and blue eyes, very tan and a tight black dress. Holly had copper red hair and brown eyes. She had a similar outfit to what Evie was wearing.

"Nice to meet you" they said in perfect unison. "Right back at ya" I clicked my tongue smiling. We started dancing to the thumping music. Drink after drink went down.

My head was beginning to spin and my movements became heavier and uneven. "Caaaaaaluuum!" I yelled drunkenly as I saw Calum coming towards me. "Geeeemmmmaaaa!!" He replied and threw himself around my neck.

"Who's that hot girl?" He whispered looking at Carey. "That's Carey. Carey come over here and say hi to Calum!" I grabbed her hand and introduced them. Probably mumbling it all but afterwards they both started dancing together and soon they disappeared.

I found Ashton dancing with a girl, she was quite pretty. It felt like something was nagging me, like I was jealous or something. Was I jealous? I couldn't be, could I?

"Gemma! I want to introduce you to Oliver" Evie screeched and grabbed me by the hand leading me over amongst a group of guys. My vision was getting slightly blurry, from what I could see he was really hot. "Olli, this is Gemma, isn't she gorgeous?" Evie exclaimed happily, normally I would've been embarrassed by that comment but because of all the alcohol flowing in my body I didn't even care.

I greeted him nicely. His blonde hair was short and messy. He had broad shoulders and his jawline was sharp. He was just perfect. "Do you want to go somewhere more private?" He asked touching my waist calmly. I nodded and followed him.

I heard Evie's ecstatic giggle behind me as she crowed to Carey how lucky I was.

Oliver led me to the back yard where no one seemed to hang around. His face was now inches from mine, we were both breathing heavily and our alcoholic breaths blended together. I closed my eyes and felt a pair of soft wet lips on mine.

We kissed for some time. When we pulled apart someone interrupted us. "Hey Olli I seed you found a hottie, leave some for me!"

"There's plenty for you!" Oliver said and pushed me towards the guy who was followed by another one. The guy started groping around on my body. I felt uncomfortable and tried to move away but he quickly grabbed me.

"I think this is a feisty one. You guys hold her while I do her okay?" The guy shot me a disgusting grin. Suddenly I was being pulled down by both arms to the ground.

The guy above me was unbuckling his belt. What was he doing? This is not right, I have to get away. I started twisting and turning, their grips were firm.

The guys was suddenly on his knees before me, sliding his dirty hand up my legs to my panties. I kicked him in the stomach. "Hold her still god dammit!" He growled hovering over me again. He slapped me across the face. I let out a loud scream. "Leave me alone!" I yelled trying to break free.

The guy was on his knees again, he pulled down his pants revealing his boner. He neared me and this time I couldn't do anything when he started pulling down my panties. I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over.

"What the hell are you doing?" I heard a familiar voice, opening my eyes slowly I saw Ashton. He punched the guy who was on his knees and he fell backwards to the ground. "Fuck off will ya?" Oliver said holding his grip even tighter.

"What's going on?" Calum and Carey appeared and were shocked to see what was happening in front of them. "Help me Ashton!" I pleaded as he looked at me with sad eyes.

"Let her go!" He screamed pushing the guys away.

"What's going on here?" Suddenly Evie and Jonathan showed up. "These idiots are trying to rape my friend!" Ashton said to Jonathan.

Jonathan's face turned angry. "What the fuck guys! You're sick! Get away from my backyard and house now! I don't want to see you again!" He looked at them all with disgust as realised that if nor one had come I would've been raped. He saw the guy with his dick still hanging out of his pants. "For gods sake pull your pants up will ya?"

"Are you okay?" Jonathan helped me up when the three guys had left. "I'm okay" I said with a forced smile. In that time j shed managed to sober up pretty quickly. "Ashton! I'm so glad you came and saved me!" When I saw Ashton I ran to him and hugged him.

"You have no idea how scared I was!" I started crying. He held me tight striking my back lightly. "It's okay Gems, I'm here now".

I nodded. Calum then arrived with Luke and Michael. We all group hugged and then we agreed that it was time to go home. Luckily Luke had stayed sober all night and was able to drive home. "You weren't drunk and yet you still manage to get a girl's number!" Michael exclaimed as Luke has told us he got Holly's number. "Yeah, guess I'm lucky" he snickered patting Michael on the back.

I was leaning against Ashton on the backseat, I was so tired and sad. He held my hand. If Ashton hadn't showed up, god knows how far they would've come before someone turned up. "Thank you Ash.." I whispered breathing heavily. He just squeezed my hand.

When we arrived home I just wanted to go to sleep.

Ashton's POV:

I helped Gemma to the sofa as we got inside the house. She plopped down on the sofa closing her eyes. I can't imagine how she must feel right now.

What I felt the moment I saw her with those guys was indescribable, I just wanted to rip their faces off and kick the them so far away they would never come back. It hurts seeing her like that.

"I'm so tired Ash, s'been a long night" she said closing her eyes. "I know.." I nearly whispered. She lay down on the sofa and gave me a tired smile.

"You know, there's something I've been wanting to tell you.. Gemma, I like you more than a friend, you might not feel the same way and that's okay, I just wanted to let you know. I live you Gems. And you're sleeping, okay " finally said it, I wasrso relieved and then she was sleeping.

She hadn't heard a word of what I just said, but least I said it out loud.

Gemma's POV:

Oh Ashton, he thought I didn't hear, but I heard everything he said. I opened my one eye a tiny bit, he stood up and walked towards his room. As he entered his room and closed the door I whispered lightly to myself "I love you too Ash"

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