You Are Perfect As You Are |Completed|

My name is Julie Gemma Anderson, but just call me Gemma. One day my life became even better..
Follow Gemma on her journey as she discovers the meaning of true friendship and what it means to really love someone even if she at first doesn't see it.

Okay guys this is the first fan fic I ever wrote about 5SOS, it's not that good but I thought I'd share it, cause I never really finished it, so maybe with your help I can xx :)


10. 10: I'm sorry Pizza

New chapter for you guys! Hope you like it xx

Ashton's POV:

"Ash?" Someone knocked on the door, I knew who it was but I didn't feel like opening the door.

"I'm coming in now, I hope you're decent!"

Suddenly Gemma was sitting on the edge of my bed tickling my toes that were sticking out at the end of the duvet. "Stop.." I sneered tiredly

She didn't seem to notice the sneering and came closer. "Ash, we're friends, you gotta tell me what's wrong.. I know something's up" she laid down beside me looking at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers.

"I'm just not feeling so well that's all" I smiled weakly sitting up in the bed. She nodded understandingly but I could tell she didn't completely buy it.

"Okay, well if you want to talk I'm here.." She stood up and walked back out the door.

Gemma's POV:

Something was wrong with Ashton, I never thought he would lie to me, I could tell he wasn't telling the truth. If he didn't want to talk, then I guess I should leave him. He'll probably come to me when it's time.

Back in the living room Calum and Michael had started a game of Fifa. They were both fighting over who had the best team and who was better at playing Fifa.

"Well, they're at it again.." Luke stood beside me sighing frustrated to be witnessing this embarrassment that was his friends. "Haha, they never grow up do they?" My smile widened at the thought of how they had been when they were children. They still act like kids.

"Nah.. I think this is as far as we will get with these two" Luke had given up a long time ago with raising two incompetent children at the age of 18 & 19.

"Your team is really shit! I'll beat you any day!" Michael snorted over the loud noise coming from the game. Calum punched him and threw a pillow from the sofa in his face "You will never beat me!"

I couldn't help laughing, they were worse than two five year olds. "Gemma! Stop laughing it's not funny!" Michael was standing up his teeth gritted looking at me. I stopped in my tracks and stepped back frightened of the rage fuming out of Michael. "Relax Michael it's only a game.."

"! Hah it's not just a game! it's.. It's not just a game okay!" Michael's face was red as a tomato now, even Calum had stopped fighting with Michael and looked at him with a hand over his mouth making sure no one could see him giggling. Michael didn't really have anything else to say, I could tell he didn't know how he would explain that for him it wasn't just a game.

"It's okay Mikey sorry, just proceed the game" I walked shamefully away, perfectly knowing that I had made Michael upset. Maybe not the best move when it comes to Mikey and his gaming.

"So.. Have you asked that Jonathan guy out yet?"

Luke stood beside me again, this time in the kitchen. I wanted to make something for Michael to say sorry, I felt awful about what I said even though it wasn't meant as something mean. "No, I might ask him tonight.." I took a pan and started cooking my own secret pizza sauce. I wanted to make Michael a sorry pizza. I knew he loved pizza so hopefully that would make it all better. As the sauce cooked I started mixing the batter together. I found some pepperoni, cheese and sausages. I prepared everything and rolled out the batter, there was enough for three large pizzas.

When I had rolled out the batter I put everything on the three pizzas and fitted two in the oven, the last one fitted in the fridge for now.

"Cool, oh Gems, I can't wait to taste that pizza! You're like my favourite cook!" Luke leaned against the kitchen counter arms crossed looking happy. He played with his lip ring studying the oven from afar. "Thanks Luke! You guys always appreciate my cooking, and I'm happy for that" a small grin emerged on my face. I cleaned up the kitchen and took Luke to the living room to sit down and watch Calum and Michael play Fifa.

"You're not gonna judge my game again?" Michael side glanced at me narrowing his eyes. Wow I had actually offended him. "No Mikey, I'm not.. I'll just sit here with Luke if that's okay" I replied politely. His eyebrows furrowed, me did a quick glance at me before turning his attention back to the game. Luke and I sat on the sofa beside Calum and Michael joking around. He had showed me something on his phone. It was a tweet from a fan, I let out a hysterical laughter because of how funny it was. Luke laughed as well. But apparently it didn't go down very well with Michael. "Seriously Gemma! Can you not? We're concentrating here!"

"Well I don't really mind Mikey.." Calum said still eyes on the screen. Suddenly Michael paused the game and stood up slamming down the controller on the table. "Fine.. I've had enough anyway!" He held his angry gaze on me a few seconds before turning away walking into his room slamming the door behind him.

"Wow.. I hope the I'm sorry pizza will make it better" sadness crept onto me, I leaned up against Luke's arm. He wrapped the arm around me hugging me from the side. "It's okay, he'll get better"

"What is going on?"

Ashton's head popped out of his room. He looked like he had been sleeping, his eyes were half closed his shirt was off and his hair all messed up. He was always so cute to look at, especially in the morning even though he had a tendency to be quite grumpy. It was mostly towards the other guys and never me.

"Michael had a bitch fit.." I smacked my lips before heading to the kitchen. I checked the pizzas, done and hopefully enough to make Michael happy again. "What ya makin'?" Ashton surprised me announcing his arrival in the kitchen. I looked at him stopping what I was doing, "Pizzas, and I made this one for Mikey to say sorry.. I kind of offended his gaming"

Ashton made his way over to the fridge finding a bottle of coke and found glass in the cupboard. "Haha okay, it's probably not a good idea to say anything about Michael and his gaming. But I do think that the pizza will make up for it."

"Hopefully it will Ash.."

I took the pizza for Michael putting it on a tray, the other one for the others on another tray. I decided to put the last pizza in the fridge in the oven. "Okay well.. Lunch is served!" I said loudly walking out of the kitchen. Luke and Calum joined Ashton at the table.

I went to Michael's room knocking on the door,"Mikey? Can I come in?"

"What do you want?" He opened the door glaring at me with his soft green eyes. I shifted my weight to both legs smiling at him. "Please Michael I'm very sorry okay.. I shouldn't have said anything.. I made an I'm sorry pizza.."

He scratched his face running his hand up through his wild hair messing it up slightly. He tapped a finger lightly on his lips looking at me with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Gems, I'm sorry I overreacted.. I forgive you, now where's the pizza?"

I started laughing as he made his way towards the table where the other boys were sitting.

"Go ahead dig in!"

I joined the guys at the table eating pizza and drinking coke. They had a habit of eating like animals but I was used to it now, seeing there was nothing I could do to change that. That was part of why I liked them so much. They didn't care what other people thought. Which meant they couldn't care less what I thought about their weird habits. That made me think less about keeping my weird habits in check.

I was basically in my right element among these four adorable dorks.

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