He could be the one


1. Chapter 1: The Letter

Here I am once again. Sitting at the side of the road at yet again, another bus stop. Trying to make a living in this goddamn city of Chicago. Thrown out and left to fend on my own at age 15. Better yet, I'm forced to live with my aunt who is a drug addict. Surprisingly she hasn't gotten any mold or disease. Judging by all the drugs she takes, she should be in prison. I shouldn't be saying this though, she's my aunt I should love her just like anyone else would say about theirs. But not me. I'm what she says "A useless sewer rat." But I guess that's how I live. Not know where my next meal will be coming from. But somehow I mange to survive. "Ah shit it's already 5:30." I'm almost late for dinner which for a "sewer rat" is never good, especially since I have to make a living for me to maybe be able to go to college or have a dim future. I catch the last subway towards my apartment. As soon as I enter my somewhat of an aunt calls out to me "You Got Some Trash In The Mail!" Meaning I got a latter from a college. This is the first college I applied to out of country. This is the letter that could change it all for me.

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