A poet is born?

More poetry for you all to read. Enjoy.


10. Nature

The wind blows through me like a spirit of its own accord,

it whispers as its soft, cold, lips caress my ears.

I shiver and retreat back into the warmth of my manmade home,

Nature is my friend, my god and my being.


I would sit down for hours,

glaring at the sky while the summer breeze gently blows,

and the sun blazes its heat onto the earth.


I’d rather hug a thousand trees than hug a single being,

for it doesn’t scare me and it won’t hurt me.

Nature takes its own course, growing wherever it can,

it is nature’s world not ours for the taking.


Let nature spread its wings, its claws and its leaves.

As it awakens to a new beginning every dawn.

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