The Story of the Damned

High school isn't always about falling for the perfect guy, going to the best parties and struggling to get to the top of the popularity list. It's about surviving four years till the summer before college. Florence White is a new to school junior girl who moved to the states after living in Britain. She may seem like the perfect young girl with the most normal life and attitude, but everyone has a secret they bury inside. Digging the secret out won't be easy, but maybe it only takes one person to dig out horrible memories after memories. The person who is just as damned as Florence. A boy filled with mystery and a boy who can't stay away from Florence. You know what they say; it takes one to know one.


1. Why Exactly Marietta?

The sky was murky and the tiniest of raindrops descended from somber and grey clouds. The leafless November trees were everywhere and they seemed like the loneliest like they do every year during November. It starts during at the end of September and by the time they reach mid November, they are just tall trunks with skinny and leafless branches sticking out of the trunks . Florence White liked this. In fact, the rest of the months after September were her beloved. The calming and peaceful autumn colors everywhere, a little less sunshine and a little more rain and that meant sitting in her dark and comfy room, with the curtains closed for no light to enter her room because her criss cross night light was enough to lighten up the room and at the same time send out a perfect atmosphere all over the room. She would often seat on her coffee colored leather bean bag with Da Vinci Code buried under her pointy nose with her mom's homemade café mocha on the dark wooden floor. On days like this, she would also listen to her favorite duo "Best Coast". Some teenagers would listen to it with earplugs on, but sometimes,  Florence liked it better when it just played from her Galaxy. No earplugs, just tracks after tracks of Best Coast playing after one another. If she had to explain to you what her ideal day off would be, she wouldn't say "hanging out with friends" or "partying", she would just say "reading alone in my room". She would say it with a shrug like that was no big deal and something every teenager did. She thought she was normal at least or made herself force to think that she was. But being an outsider wasn't exactly normal. With her short frame and messy auburn hair, she didn't quite see herself as a typical teenager. The typical teenagers had brown or blonde hair tied up in a high ponytail, they were skinny, tan and tall. They wore designer clothes and almost every teenager owned a dog. 

Florence, on the other hand, had the most uncommon name, she wore grey sweats and a matching sweater over it with her uneven hair tied in a low ponytail. The closest she came to something designer was stroking her index over the lilac blush in her mother's Aerin makeup palette. The only designer the Whites ever owned probably. Maybe because no one in the family knew about fashion. Florence could have used a little spray tan because her skin was too pale like everyone said.

"We just couldn't move to Arizona?" she asked her mom from the backseat as she stared at the two rain drops which slowly rolled down the car window. Her perfect nineteen years old sister, Carolyn White, sat beside Florence with her cellphone in hand as she texted her boyfriend, Jack. She would giggle every three minute. She was similar to Florence, minus the lonely life and her big obsession with coffee. Carolyn was more of a tattle tale, grade A student and an equally hot latino boyfriend. Latinos were tan and hot. The White's skin matched their last name and one of them was far from hot. 

"Why exactly Arizona, pumpkin?" Anne White laughed. Anne White was single mother with the job as a science teacher in a middle school back in Cardiff. Even though she was forty seven, she looked like thirty seven. She was one of those typical mother who never stopped enjoying being a parent, even though many saw it as a hard job. She enjoyed being a mother or two and who said that every woman needs a man? 

"We could have got a little more tan. Some a little more than others" she stared sideways at her her who was the tannest in the family. Many saw it as pale, but it was more dusky pink. Florence and her mother were porcelain pale. Her mother knew exactly who she was referring to, even though she had her eyes on the road and was in front of them in the car. She chuckled and shook her head.

"Marietta is a nice place too, Flora" she sighed and nodded at the road ahead "look at the vintage looking houses. Our's is just five minutes away now. This can be a fresh start and this is your first time here in the states! The first time for all of us. I miss Cardiff, too, but is it not fascinating to start freshly and it's in the states!"

Her preppy and young voice made Florence re-think. Maybe Marietta will be good and it's true. Never had she went anywhere outside Britain. But why exactly Marietta? It seemed like such a boring and normal town with nothing exciting going on. What happened to the cool neighbourhoods she watched on the television programs back in Cardiff. It made the streets look like a dream. Hot skater boys, dogs playing fetch, white picket fence with the clear and perfect sky and a large american flag swaying from side to side as it stood perfectly on the garden ground. This wasn't even close. 

"We're here!" Anne stopped the car in front of their to be home. The children never saw the house before. Moving trucks were behind them and Florence looked at the house. It had a very green and plain lawn in front and it was duplex with a grey roof and brick walls. It was a fine porch and there was a swing set hanging from a sturdy tree branch at the garden. 

"Oh, mother, this is so perfect" Carolyn turned on her sweet voice and hugged Anne. The females grinned as they hugged each other and Anne kissed the top of Carolyn's head. 

"Go and explore inside, girls" she told her daughters after tossing Florence the key and they raced each other to the main door and Anne helped the men who carried the furnitures. Florence, being a little more sportive than her sister, reached the door knob first. She jammed the key into the hole and twisted it and it opened. 

"Hah, I reached the door before you" she teased Carolyn and she rolled her eyes. She hated to not be the winner. Florence stuck her tongue out and quickly walked inside followed by Carolyn. 

They were standing on dark wood and it smelled like dust inside. There was a chandelier on the middle of the ceiling, hanging gracefully. There were many niches with an oval window and royal red curtains. The walls were carpeted with dark brown leather and in the middle of the gigantic living room was the stairs. They sisters first explored downstairs. There were two hallways beside the stairs. The one to the left was long and inside was the most antique kitchen and dining table with a narrow loo. The hallway was dark but a few candlelights were almost everywhere to lighten it up a little. Then there was the second hallway. There was the second living room with couches, a television, a fireplace and a balcony. The second room was an office for their mother. The last one was a door to the garage. 

"Let's check upstairs" Carolyn suggested and they walked upstairs. Downstairs were people carrying things and putting them into place. The stairs were carpeted and spiral. Florence and Carolyn had their own room, not like before where they had to share one. Florence's bed room was wide, with a huge window and it was just like she liked it. Every room wad dimmed. There was a niche and she had her own bathroom and a seat by the window, something she always wished to have. No way Carolyn will get this room. She checked her sister's room. She seemed very pleased. It was a little less wide than her's, but it was spacious. Two windows and closets attached to the leather walls. She too, had her very own bathroom. 

"Not as bad as I thought it would be" Florence smiled at Carolyn and she smiled back, which was rare. She ruffled her younger sister's hair.

"Let's go and help mum with the furnitures, Flora".

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