He was bad, he partied way too often, he done so much drugs, and he was sleeping with me. His best friend.


7. Chapter 7.

"Since when the fuck do you pop pills, Adri?!" Niall was furious. He found a stash of pills in my drawer, the ones Harry let me have and I never told Niall. He only likes me drinking and smoking weed.

"Harry let me have them, fuck off." I know I was being a bitch, but hello, it's just pills.

"You do realize that's what my cousin almost overdosed on!" He yelled and I froze. I forgot about what his cousin overdosed on. Now I feel like an asshole. I ran over to my drawer and handed them to him.

"I'm sorry, I forgot what he overdosed on." I turned to walk away, he grabbed my arm. I turned to look at him, he was still furious.

"How long have you had them?"

"Since the night my mom came to Harry's. I swear to you I don't pop them a lot, just when I'm really stressed or have no weed. Harry introduced me." He was even more furious. "Don't get mad at Harry, I could have said no, but I took them anyway. He was just helping me get a high."

"Don't care, you wanna get high, here then." He threw the bottle at me and disappeared out of the room.

"God, can't you just forgive me? What happened to you hating fighting with me? We fight constantly since-"

"Since we lost the goddamn baby, I fucking know Adri! I was the father you know!" What the fuck.

"Well, you're acting like the child." I didn't think he heard me until I heard footsteps coming into the room again, Niall was in front of me and grabbed my wrists, rather hard. I winced from the pain. "Niall, you're hurting me." He didn't budge, all he did was look at me, anger clear in his eyes. "Niall James mother fucking Horan! Did you hear me? You're fucking hurting me you dick!" He let go of my wrists.

"Baby," He breathed.

"No, fuck you."

"I'm sorry. I just, I need to learn to cope with this. It's hard. Knowing I had two great things in my life and one of them was snatched away so quickly, I just I'm scared of losing you too."

"Niall, why on earth would you think you'd lose me too?"

"Well, I'm a dick." I laughed and nodded on agreement.

"That may be true but I'm a bitch. We're perfect for each other." He laughed and grabbed me by my waist, pulling me in for a kiss. Which got heated easily. "We haven't had sex since the miscarriage." I whispered, "I think it's time." I pulled him down to me by his neck, kissing him lips. He walked us towards the bed, the back of my knees hitting the bed and me pulling him down with me.

"Adri, I've been craving for your touch. Like I said, I'm addicted to you." I reached down and grabbed my shirt, pulling it over my head, I reached for his. He just took my wrists in his, he leaned over and grabbed something, a tie? I looked at him weird. "Baby, I want to tie your hands together and I want you to hold them above your head. Don't move them until I say." I slowly nodded. He took my shorts and pulled them down my legs with my panties. I was left in my bra, but he quickly got that off me as well. "So beautiful," he whispered.

"Niall, please. I wanna touch you."

"Baby, trust me." He slowly leaned his head down and started licking my clit, slowing inserting a finger, I moaned in pleasure. He inserted another one and I threw my head back. I lifted my head to see Niall looking at me. I moaned again.

"Niall," I moaned. "Please, untie my hands. Please." I couldn't stop the moans. He quickly leaned up with his other hand untying me.

"Niall! Hey, oh fuck. My bad!" Louis. Louis had walked in. Seeing me completely bare with Niall's head between my legs. Niall jumped up and I quickly threw the covers over my body.

"What the fuck do you want, Louis?"

"Uhm, yeah. The boys and I are having a party. Wanted to know what y'all wanted to drink. You didn't answer my calls. Yeah, uhm call me when you're done. Bye!" And he darted out of the room.

I pulled Niall to me, "Lay on the bed." I whispered in his ear, "Oh and get naked." I said and climbed off the bed. Soon he was laying on the bed completely naked. I leaned down in front of him, taking his length into my mouth, sucking and playing with his balls.

"Fuck, Adri," He moaned. I started bobbing my head faster. I felt his legs start to shake. "Adri, I-I'm gonna," Before he could finish his sentence I lifted my head.

"Nope, save that for my pussy baby." And I sat down on his dick, hissing at the contact. "Niall, you're still so big to my tight little pussy." I leaned down whispering in his ear. He quickly flipped us over, pulling my legs over his shoulders. He started thrusting hard and deep. "F-faster!" I was moaning loud.

"Adri, fuck. You're so damn tight." He was moaning and getting faster. His thrusts started to get sloppy. "Uh, are you on the, fuck, are you on the pill still?" I nodded and before I knew it I felt him twitch inside me, feeling his warm liquids fill me, seconds later I came on his dick.

"Baby, can we please fight and make up more often?" I laughed, hitting his chest.

"NO! I hate fighting with you." He kissed my nose.

"Me too baby, me too." Niall said, hugging me tightly. I didn't want get up. But we both shot up when we heard broken class in our kitchen.

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