He was bad, he partied way too often, he done so much drugs, and he was sleeping with me. His best friend.


6. Chapter 6.

When we got home from the doctor Liam, Louis & Zayn were at the house. Harry had texted Liam to pick up as much alcohol as he possibly could. Zayn picked up as much weed as he could afford & Niall broke the news to everyone. I needed to break from all this, I needed an escape & Niall knew what my escape was.

"Adri, how do you feel about a party?"

"Ni, you read my mind! I've been needing an escape and thought a party would get my mind off everything. Let's do this!" I smiled at Niall, he looked over at Harry and nodded his head, then Harry started making calls. I went to the living room to start cleaning up, even though it would be a mess at the end of the night.

"Yeah, tonight. Bring whatever alcohol you want. Yes. Even weed. Duh bro, it's a party. Yeah, go big or go home. Alright spread the word. See ya!" Harry got off the phone, he looked at us and smiled. "Time to get wasted." He looked at me and smirked. Oh yes, my escape!




It was about 12 am, the party had been going on for hours & I admit, I'm a little too drunk. I was high and still chugging alcohol, Niall stayed by my side the whole time, but still had fun with the guys. He still had a rep to protect after all. I decided I wanted to dance, so I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the middle of the room. I took a sip of my alcohol and started to grind on Niall, he always loved when I done that anyway.

"Hey sexy lady, mind if I can have some of that?" It was an unfamiliar voice but yet I felt like I have heard it before, I turned around.

"Uh, Michael? What are you doing here?" It was Luke's friend and he only ever associated with me when he was with Luke, but now Luke and I aren't together. Why was he here? Did Harry invite him too?

"Harry invited everyone to this party. Like I said can I have a piece of what you're giving to Niall right now?" I turned around hoping to see Niall, and he could save me. But Harry had pulled him away to smoke another one, and I guess he thought that Michael and I were friends, but we definitely were not.

"Sorry Michael, I'm not easy. Why don't you try Tiana, she likes every guy I talk to anyway." I turned to walk away, but he grabbed my arm and turned me back around to face him.

"That's not what Luke said. He said you'd give it up to any guy, I told him I had to try for myself."

"Luke can suck a dick, just like you." I kneed him right in his crotch and walked away.

"You better watch yourself little lady, the nights still young and I will find you." After he said that, I took off running. I ran through the house hoping to find Niall sometime soon, I was scared. Anyone could do anything when they are drunk and not remember it. Michael was always nice to be, but yet that could have been him flirting too. I kept running and looking back until I ran right into someone's back. I looked up. Oh my god. It was Luke.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He smirked at me, then his smirk disappeared quickly. He grabbed my arm and dragged me with him, into the kitchen. "What the hell!" I jerked my arm away from him and turned to walk away, only to see Michael. I didn't know what to do.

"Dude, leave her alone." Luke was taking up for me. Why?

"You're the one that said she would give it up to anyone and I told you I was going to try, what did you think I was lying?"

"No, but I did think you were joking. Get out of here before I beat the shit out of you. She don't deserve having some drunken idiot hound her. I only said that because I was mad. So leave!" Michael turned around and walked off. I turned around to thank Luke. "Don't."


"No, I came to apologize, but it's obvious you want nothing more than for me to disappear."

"Thank you. You saved me from that idiot. The one you call your friend." I paused, and looked up at him. He did look sincere. "I forgive you." He smiled at me and leaned in for a hug. I hesitated but decided to give him one. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and seen Niall. He was furious.

"Adri, what is this?"

"Ni, I was just hugging Luke bec-"

"No! Why were you hugging him?" I was annoyed.

"Look, if you wouldn't interrupt I think I could actually tell you. So you were with me all night, until Michael came up to me and I turned for you and you were gone. He tried saying I was a whore pretty much and gave it up to every guy. He said that he was going to try for himself. When I turned to run, he grabbed my arm. I kneed him in his dick and ran. I ran trying to find you, instead I literally ran into Luke and he told Michael to leave. So he apologized for all the pain he put me through and I gave him a hug. Nothing more. Then here you are, getting your dick in a wad." His fury turned to complete sadness, he tried to grab my arm but I just jerked away. "Now I need another drink. Thank you for leaving me." I walked away, and I didn't look back. Because I know if I did, I would just run to him and hug him.

"Hey Adri, what's wrong?"

"You can already tell something is wrong? Wow Harry, you must know girls." He started laughing and handed me a shot of vodka.

"Well, yeah. But don't let anyone know." He winked at me, I just laughed and sat on the couch. He handed me a beer and walked off to flirt with some girls I assume. I drank my beer in peace until I felt the couch sink in next to me. I looked over to see who was beside me. Niall.

"Adri," He whispered, I looked up at him. I was about to cry. Today has been too hectic for me and I was about to crumble. "Baby, I'm sorry I left you. I thought he was your friend from class. I had no idea or I would have brought you with me." I just nodded at him and took another sip of my beer. "Come here, baby. You've had a rough day. We both have. I'm not leaving you side for the rest of the night." I cuddled into his side, letting a few tears drop from my eyes.

"Niall, why does everything bad happen to me. My life has been nothing but bad, until you came into it. Why did this have to happen to us. We would have raised our baby so good. You have your job, I'm starting mine soon. Why was our baby ripped from us?" I was crying. He stood up and picked me up. Carrying me to his room with him. He sat me down on the bed and made me look up at him.

"Adri, we didn't deserve this. You didn't deserve this. You didn't deserve a lot of shit, but now I'm here. I'm here to be your shoulder. I'm here to keep you going and not let you give up. Don't give up, Adri. I'm here and I love you."

"I love you too, Ni." He kissed me, softly. We stayed in his room for a good hour, then decided to go back down to the party. After all, we through this party as our escape. Tonight should be better now that I let everything out that I was holding in. And that Niall said he will not ever leave my side for the rest of the night.

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