He was bad, he partied way too often, he done so much drugs, and he was sleeping with me. His best friend.


3. Chapter 3.

Harry's house was so big, I was actually surprised. I know that sounds bad but I just would never expect him to have a really nice house. I walked inside and waited for everyone else to get here. I really wanted to be with Maddie. She was my go to person and I just had to tell her what I saw tonight.

"Adri?" I turned around and seen Niall behind me. "You okay?" I nodded my head. I was hurt but I really was okay. I felt like I needed a drink or even some weed. I needed it bad.

"Niall, do you think Harry has anymore weed? I still want to party even if its just your friends, you, Maddie & I. I really need something to get me high or even drunk. I've missed this!" He smiled at me and went to get Harry. I sat on his couch, still waiting on Maddie and the other boys.

"Adriana." I looked up and Harry was standing over me. He brought up a bag and motioned for me to follow him, so I did just that. We went into his room, I'm guessing. His room looked all homey. It looked like a normal college boys room. "Sorry it's a mess, I didn't expect anyone, but Niall came to me and I told him I would help you out. He is gonna keep everyone company when they get here because I honestly don't wanna share." I just smiled at him because I still haven't got to know him.

"Thank you, Harry. I haven't smoked in 2 years before tonight. I have missed it so much." He just smiled at me. Wow, this guy is more normal than I know. "So how long have you known Niall?" I asked as he lit up the blunt. He took a hit and handed it to me.

"About 10 years or so. I met him when I was 14, we have been mates ever since."

"Wow, I would have loved to meet him then." I took about two hits and handed it back to Harry. "He has been my best friend all through college and I'm so worried about us graduating. He is the best guy I have ever met."

"Do you like him?"

"Well," I looked around, I didn't want Niall to hear. I know how he is sneaking in on people. "Yeah. We have tried the dating thing before but it was weird, now were just doing the casual sex. I'm keeping my feelings out of it, but yeah I guess I do." I said and took the blunt from his hand. He gave me a stern look then laughed. I handed him the rest of it since it was almost gone and stood up,he stood up too.

"Do you do pills?"

"I've never tried them."

"Follow me." He said and we ended up on his bed. He was going through his night stand and handed me a pill, he popped one and I just did the same. "This should help you get an even better high." Wow, I like this guy.

"Wow, don't tell Niall." I said and laughed. "Let's go find him. We need to start this little party and have some fun!" I said and grabbed his hand. He stood up with me. "Wait, do you have a shirt I could borrow? This dress is uncomfy and I'm sure your shirt will look like one on me anyway." He laughed and went to his dresser, he grabbed me a t-shirt and I just stripped in front of him, not thinking. I put on his t-shirt and took my shoes off and headed to the door.

"You have a great body by the way. I didn't mean to look but you kind of caught me off guard." I laughed and took his hand. We walked out to the living room where everyone was drinking and talking.

"Hey guys." I said and got everyone's attention. Niall jumped up and walked over to me, handing me a shot of vodka. My favorite. "Thanks Ni." I said and grabbed it. I took the shot and looked around for a bottle. I found an empty one on the coffee table. I grabbed it and moved the coffee table, hoping Harry wouldn't mind. Everyone was looking at me weird. "Anyone like spin the bottle or truth or dare?" I asked. I knew Niall liked it, but I just wondered if anyone else did.

"I do!" Louis hopped up. "Come on guys, we gotta have some fun. We can't just act all big and bad 24/7, were behind closed doors. Lets play!" Everyone got into the floor after Louis said that. I sat between Harry and Niall and I didn't want to start out so I was just waiting to see if anyone would offer to go first.

"So, who wants to spin first?" I asked around, Niall raised his hand. Of course. I handed him the bottle and he spun. We decided to play truth or dare. But we would all probably pick dare. He spun the bottle and it landed on Liam.

"Liam, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to kiss Maddie." That was simple. But I know she wanted to kiss him. He started to lean in. "For 20 seconds." Wow Niall, their first kiss and it has to be 20 seconds. Liam leaned in and we started timing them. Before I knew it, they were fully making out. I was tired of seeing it.

"Okay, Liam spin!" I yelled, he spun and it landed on me. Of course. "Truth or dare?" He asked.

"Dare, I ain't scared." I laughed. He thought for a moment. I just looked at him waiting for him to give me a dare.

"You and Harry, in his room, for 10 minutes. No coming out until we say." I got nervous, No telling what Harry would want to do. I looked over at Niall to see if he had any hint of jealousy in his eyes and nothing. I got up, following Harry to his room. I didn't want him to know that I was nervous. I walked in and he shut the door behind me and locked it. I went over and sat on his bed, he came and sat beside me.

"You know, we don't have to do anything. I know I may come off as that type, I seen how nervous you got when I first met you, but we don't have to do anything. I know you're into Niall." I smiled at that but I decided that I should atleast have fun with this.

"Niall didn't even have any kind of look of jealousy on his face. I know this is casual for me and him but I feel like he feels were just friends & that's all. I'm gonna have fun with this." And with that said I leaned in and kissed Harry. His lips were so soft and he kissed me softly. I wanted to deepen the kiss so I pulled him over on top of me. I never thought he would be sweet. But the way he kissed me made me feel special. He was a true gentlemen behind closed doors. I reached for the hem of his shirt when we both heard knocking saying that our time was up. I stood up and went to the door. I looked back and he was smiling. we walked back to the group and that's when I seen Niall's face, he looked pissed. I spun the bottle and it landed on Louis. I dared him to run naked though the entire neighborhood. He did it. We went on for about an hour, and the dares were little but funny. Maddie spun the bottle and it landed on Niall. She smirked.

"I dare Niall and Adriana to go to the closet for 20 minutes." Why do they pick me to do these things. I didn't know where Harry's closet was so I just followed Niall. We walked into a huge closet. Niall locked the door behind him and his face was made on anger.

"So how was Harry?"

"Excuse me?" I was caught off guard by that question.

"You heard me."

"Well all we did is kiss, if you must know." I could now see the jealousy and I smirked. "What, is THE Niall Horan jealous of Mr. Harry Styles?"

"What!? No!" He practically yelled.

"Then why so mad?" I asked and smirked at him. He started walking so fast at me, he almost scared me but Niall would never do anything to hurt me. Before I knew it he grabbed my face and placed his lips on mine. Soon we were fully making out. I pulled back. "Wow." I breathed.

"I know." He said and kissed me again, I couldn't handle it. I wanted him. I needed him. I took his shirt and pulled it over his head. He took off Harry's shirt that I was wearing so I was just left in my bra and thong. I got down on my knees and took off his pants.he was left in his kalvin klein boxers and I pulled them down and starred up at his length in front of me. I grabbed it and immediately stuck it in my mouth. I have wanted him all night and I wasn't going to half ass making him feel good. Before I knew it he threw his head back and I felt a warm liquid shoot in my mouth. "Adri." He breathed out. "You didn't have to do that."

"Niall, I've wanted you all night. I have never really pleasured you, you always pleasured me." I kissed him. "But now I know you care about me, you said this was casual."

"I wanted it to be. But Adriana, I'm addicted to you. I know you're too good for me, but I need you. I think about 24/7. When you were with Luke, I hated myself for letting you go. I want to try this again, but I feel like its all about sex."

"Ni, I have liked you too. Maybe if you ask me on a real date and not just come into my room every night it wouldn't be just about sex." He laughed. He pulled his pants up, and put his shirt on. I pulled Harry's shirt back over my head and kissed Niall.

"Well Adri, would you want to go on a real date with me?" I nodded my head yes.

"I would be honored. But what about your rep?"

"Forget about it, you mean more to me." I smiled at him and we walked out to where everyone was. They were all sitting on the couches just drinking. It was getting late but everyone was either high or drunk and we couldn't drive home. Harry let us stay the night at his place. I started to feel sleepy and Niall could tell. "Hey guys, were going to head to bed." Everyone told us goodnight and we headed to the guest bedroom. I was happy that Niall finally admitted his feelings to me. But now I had to tell all my friends and even worse than that... My mother.

"Goodnight Adriana."

"Goodnight Niall, no funny business tonight. I'm tired." I said and laughed. He pulled me close, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

"Adri!" I heard yelling and banging on the bedroom door, I shot up out of my bed. I walked out of the guest room and it was Harry.

"What's up?"

"It's your mother, she's here." Why the hell was she here?

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