He was bad, he partied way too often, he done so much drugs, and he was sleeping with me. His best friend.


2. Chapter 2.

Today was the last day of college, I don't even want to go to graduation, but Niall and I are walking the line together at noon, so I wasn't going to back out of it. We have been sneaking around for the past couples of weeks, which really isn't that hard since we live in the same dorm. But now that we're graduating and going out separate ways, we won't be living together so it will be much harder after this weekend.

"You coming to my party, Adri?" Niall's voice pulled me from my thoughts. "It's gonna be awesome. I know how much you love alchohol, and weed." He said, smiling. Truth is, I haven't partied since before Luke and I started dating. I haven't done drugs in so long.

"Hell yeah." I said, smiling. I was afraid to start into drugs again, but I'm going to do it because I've missed the parties with my best friend.

"Good, you can finally meet my mates." He said, lighting up a cigarette. I looked at him shocked. I've never even brought up wanting to meet them. Truthfully, from the stories I've heard, I was a little scared to meet them. "Don't worry, Adriana. They'll love you. You're like the best person ever to party with. You're one of us!"

"Niall, I haven't done drugs since Luke and I started dating. What if I trip?"

"You've never once tripped out. Not even your first time, you'll be fine. Get ready, Graduation is in two hours." He said, leaving the room so he could get ready. I can't believe the day is already here. We're graduating and I'm finally going to be a cosmotologist, Niall is gonna be a banker, something he has always wanted to do since I met him.


"Can you believe we're finally graduated. No more school!" My friend, Maddie, screamed. I smiled at her. We had just got home from graduation. It's now 6 at night. Niall said he would come back to our dorm to get me around eight. I debated on telling Maddie she could come, she doesn't like Niall at all. But then again, she doesn't even know him. So I told her he was going to be gone all night and that she could stay here. I want Niall to ask her himself to come to see if she disagrees to his face. "So, you and Niall..."

"What" I said, snapping out of my thoughts quickly after hearing his name.

"Are you two a thing or something. I mean you and him have been clung to each others hip since you and Luke broke up."

"Mads, we we're always like that, you just haven't noticed until Luke and I broke up. You hate Niall and would never once give him a chance. So no, we are not a thing." I said, defending myself and Niall. She just nodded, dropping the subject.

"So, what are we going to do tonight?" She asked.

"Well, I'm going to shower. I should be out soon, then you can shower & we can decide then, yeah?" I asked, she nodded her head and turned on the tv.

As I was getting into the shower, I kept thinking about how tonight would go. I really hoped Maddie would come to the party with me, she never has really partied but she is my bestfriend and she deserves a night out with me and Niall. I mean, we finally have our degrees we have worked for, for the past four years. We all deserve this. I heard a knock on the door as I was washing my hair.

"Sup?" I yelled, hoping whoever was knocked had heard me.

"The one and only." Niall's voice rang through the door. I smiled to myself as I stepped out of the shower, slightly opening the door, standing in my towel. "Wow." Niall breathed out. I just smiled and pointed towards my bedroom, he followed my finger and started walking.

"So, what are you doing here so early?" I asked, slipping on my lace bra, and matching thong. I started walking towards my closet when I felt someone grab my hips. I turned around in his grasp and kissed his cheek. "Oh Niall, you cheeky boy! Is Maddie still watching tv?" I asked, he nodded his head. "Go talk to her, get her used to you. Oh, I'm surprised she hasn't left yet, and Niall," I said, walking back towards my closet, turning to face him just before I started going though my dresses, "I want you to invite her to your party. I was going to ask but I was hoping she couldn't say no to the 'bad boy.'" I said, and winked at him. He came over and kissed my cheek.

"Anything for you." He whispered in my ear, and kissed my neck lightly, before leaving the room. That boy is going to get it tonight, hopefully. I slipped on my tight fitting, sparkly silver strapless dress, with some black stilettos. I walked over to my mirror where I had my make up and put on some foundation, some eye shadow, I did the smokey eye look. I added some mascara, eyeliner, blush, and the make it all pop, I did the red lipstick like Miley Cyrus always does. I curled my hair in loose curls and let them fall down my back. Finally liking the way I looked, I walked out to where Niall and Maddie were sitting.

"Adri, Niall invited me to his party." Maddie said, smiling. I'm just so happy she is coming out of her shell and giving him a chance.

"Let's go then!"

"Wait a minute." She said, and walked over to me. "You know how I am about parties. I hate alcohol and I know Niall does drugs. I don't like that. But, I'm going to go. Only because we graduated today and this would be a chance for me to meet new people. Oh, and Niall isn't that bad. But he is a tough one to get to know." She whispered to me. I looked directly at Niall, giving him a glare. He shrugged his shoulder. 'You dick.' I mouthed to him.

"Come on, It's already half passed eight. Party starts at nine!" He yelled. "Why am I a dick?" He whispered in my ear, bringing my my jacket and putting it around my shoulders.

"You need to loosen up and stop worrying about your rep around Maddie!" I whisper-yelled to him. He just chuckled. I gave him another glare.

We all walked outside to his car, climbing in. We headed down the road when I heard loud music and cars parked everywhere. This party is huge, I'm getting a little nervous myself, but shrugged off that feeling when I felt the car stop and heard Niall turn the ignition off. "Ready?" He asked, me and Maddie nodded our heads.

When we stepped into the big house, I immediately smelled the weed. The smell I've been dying to smell since Niall mentioned it earlier. I used to be the biggest pot head around, that's how Niall and I met. I smiled, walking towards the kitchen to get me some shots. Niall walked closely behind me, showing me where everything was.

"I know what you like." He said, fixing me some shots.

"Hey Mads, do you wanna try some shots?" I asked her, she was close to me and Niall. I wanted her to loosen up and talk to people. She slowly nodded her head. "Don't worry, they're amazing!" I shouted. She giggled at me.


We have been at this party for about two hours and Maddie has had quite a bit of alcohol. Niall said his friends haven't showed up yet and that they had the weed. I watched as Maddie downed two more shots. I got up and went over to her.

"Hey Mads, you want to slow down? We will be here all night and I can assure you there will be alcohol all night too." I said and pulled her over to where Niall and I were talking. She just smiled at me. I heard the door swing open and four guys walked in. All eyes landed on them. The first to walk in had on black skinny jeans, a plain white shirt, with a headband pulling his hair back. The second guy had on black skinnys, white shirt and a leather jacket over it. He also had all kinds of facial hair. The third had on skinnys, with a white shirt just like the first. And the last had on skinnys with a black shirt. I stared at them in awe.

"There's my mates." Niall whispered in my ear, I smiled. I looked closely at them, and the first guy that walked in was heading towards us, with the rest of the guys followed. He looked at the second guy and he pulled out the weed form inside his jacket. "Hey mates, let's go upstairs. I'm not sharing this." Niall said, pulling my hand, and I grabbed Maddie's so we could all go upstairs in private.

"Who's the chicks?" The guy with the headband said, I got kind of uncomfortable. Niall rested a hand on my knee, calming me down.

"This is Adriana, the coolest chick I know. And her friend Maddie." Niall said, all the boys nodded. "Adri, Maddie, that's Harry." He said, pointing to the one with the headband. "That's Liam," he said, pointing to the one with the leather jacket. "That's Louis," he said, pointing to the one dressed like Harry. "And that's Zayn." He said, pointing to the one dressed in all black. I waved, giving them all a big smile. They just nodded. Hm, hard to get to know.

"Okay boys, ready to light up?" Liam asked. They all nodded.

"Uhm, excuse me? What about us girls?" I asked, putting on my best flirtatious smiled I could. Harry looked at me, and winked.

"You can have a hit off mine, if you're lucky." He smiled. I scooted over towards Harry, while Maddie stayed near Niall. I knew Niall would give her a hit, only if she wanted to try it.

By the time we smoked all the weed they brought I was so high, and was heading down to get some drinks. Harry stayed close by me. I still didn't get past his bad boy image but he was fun to flirt with & I haven't had this much fun since I partied with Niall before. I started taking shot after shot after shot. Before I knew it, Harry was gone and Niall was pulling me to the dance floor.

"Baby, you look gorgeous." Niall was high and drunk. I knew what was going to happen tonight.

"I love the nickname." I said, kissing his lips. He looked around and pulled me to the side.

"Do you want to head upstairs for a moment?" I simply nodded and he pulled my hand leading me up the stairs. I looked behind me to see Maddie getting all comfortable with Liam. I laughed a little bit. Niall stopped suddenly, make me run into him.

"Niall why'd you-" I was caught off when I looked up to see Luke with Tiana. My other best friend. They were both completely naked on the bed, having sex. "Luke?" I cried out. He looked up and seen me. Shock written all over his face. I just turned and ran out.

"What the fuck!" I heard Niall yell, but I didn't stop. I ran and ran until I ran into someone's arm. I looked up to see Harry looking down at me. "You're a fucking low life piece of shit and I should have never introduced her to you. Now leave before things get uglier than your face!" I heard Niall yell, and soon I seen Luke and Tiana running down the stairs. I wiped my eyes and ran up to her.

"You're a fucking whore, Tiana. Did you know that?! All the times I took up for you when all these girls came after you for sleeping with their man, I should have believed them." I punched her right in the nose. "Next time you'll think twice before whoring around." Before I knew it I had jumped on her punching her, when I heard sirens. Someone picked me up and I as still swinging. I was kicking, trying to get away. Niall stepped in front of me.

"Adri. Adri!" He yelled, he grabbed my arms. "Come the fuck on, cops are here." He said quietly. I looked behind me to see that Harry had grabbed me and brought me outside. "Harry just ride with me, we will go to your place." Niall said, and I quickly ran to the front seat. Tears still brimming my eyes. "Don't cry baby." Niall whispered and kissed my hand, I smiled at him.

"I need another drink!" I yelled. Him and Harry busted out laughing. Maybe tonight won't end so badly. Not with all the people I'll be hanging out with.

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