Angelina isn't at all fond of her monotonous new school, gray neighborhood, exasperating neighbors and finds nothing amusing about her new life. It is until she was assigned lab partners with the boy whom was hiding within the shadows


2. First impressions

Now I’m searchin’ every lonely place, Every corner callin’ out your name. Trying to find you but I just don’t know, where do broken hearts go?

Alex’s  P.o.v

Damn she’s fast. Did she really think she could just leave the class, diverting everyone’s attention on me instead? I want to be here just as much as she does, but that doesn’t give reasoning to why she took off right when she left the door.

By now I’ve looked through the whole entire school and I am exhausted. I decided to check if she signed out of school or something so I started down the stairs.  I would have left the hall but then suddenly I heard a faint cry and there she was under the stairwell, hugging her knees with her small hands, resting her head on top. Like the creep and stalker I am I just stared for what seems like 30 minutes before I gathered the courage to walk up and sit beside her. She looks up to me with her big brown eyes  and I was going to do something like wipe her tears and hug her like how literary heroes would  but instead I did the next best thing. I stared.


Angelina’s P.o.v

I never really had a favorite color. Not as a child when girls around me loved pink, or as an elementary student when teens around me took a liking in black. Not until now, at this very moment. His eyes were pure blue, with a small contrast of a tropical green around the iris. It was as though if you looked too long you’ll get lost in the beautiful contrast of blue and green. And I think I did get lost because there we were, staring into each other’s eyes. Suddenly the rain didn’t seem so depressing and I didn’t feel there was a reason to cry and this day didn’t seem so shitty. We sat beside each other like this for what felt like eternity until I felt my puffy red eyes go heavy, the boy with the beautiful eyes watching me; I leaned against him and let the humming of the rain lull me to sleep.

I was in a nostalgic place, back in the past I suppose. I recognize these lockers. What was I doing walking the halls of William heights S.S? That’s when I saw him. The monster that poisoned me with false love, which broke me, earned my trust once again and shattered my heart into an inevitable amount of pieces.  Curt was standing there, sneering at me as he walked towards me. I felt like the frightened innocent girl I was before. The girl who read books about love but never could have imaged the pain left from it. The monster that I call my first love stood their smirking with his dark threatening eyes.  Our surroundings suddenly went quiet, the school disappeared and I was alone in the dark until a lighter was used to light his cigarette. His face inches away from mine as his cold hands wrapped around my neck, his smile cruel in amusement at the sight of me panicking from lack of air. Suddenly I was back to reality out of breath and yet again afraid because of Curt.

I look to my right shoulder where the boy with the beautiful eyes leaned against me. We both fell asleep. His lips were slightly parted and he was snoring.  I lift my head off his shoulder and trying not to wake him up I let him rest on my lap. Noticing “hush hush” near my feet I reached out and grabbed it. The rain has stopped and birds are chipping. I hate birds but I don’t mind it now, their singing added to my vibe as I went back to reading. At some point I finished my book and I look down to see that the boy was already half awake.  His cheeks turned pink as he yawned.

“Um...What time is it?” he said in his low raspy morning voice. I stared at him and then at my phone in mock horror.

“….10:00,” I said.

“Oh,” is all he said. He huffed, got up, picked up our stuff and gave me his hand. “Come on, maybe the doors aren't locked” he reasoned.

“Don’t jinx it!” I said as we both ran through the halls, checking all the exits. All locked. My luck can’t get any worse than this.

“Angel their all locked,” he said as my eyes grew wide.

“My names not angel it’s Angelina,” I said feeling my cheeks grow warm at the thought of anyone calling me angel. I am nowhere near angelic.

“Well Angel, now is not the time to argue,” he says smiling with two dimples playing on his rosy cheeks.

“Well Jonathan I think we should try the office, maybe someone is still there,” I said.

“Hey smart one, who said my name, is Jonathon,” he says smirking. “My name is Alex, I don’t know how anyone could get that mixed up with Jonathon,” he states. “And I don’t think anyone will be in the office at 10:00, considering the fact that all the lights are out and the doors are locked. Guess we’re staying here the night?”  He asks while smiling.


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