Angelina isn't at all fond of her monotonous new school, gray neighborhood, exasperating neighbors and finds nothing amusing about her new life. It is until she was assigned lab partners with the boy whom was hiding within the shadows


1. Alone


    Angelina's P.o.v

By the moon as I sit to seek your glory, the white roses  I see creates a whole new story. There are many seasons but very few reasons. What remains is that I will always love you. 

Its raining. As I walk towards my new school for the first time, I already start feeling my anxiety returning. I walk past people who have already grouped up with their friends from last year and it looks like i'll be alone this year just like last year, and the years before. Alone.

As I get my class schedule and pick up my student ID I start walking towards my french class, I keep walking until i walk past it. French? not in the mood. After skipping french, math and geography i decided enough was enough with hiding and went straight to my last class. As I walked into my chemistry class a group of girls in the front start to snicker at me and started practicing the act of what looked like gossiping. I walk to the very back of class and slumped down on the stool.The seat next me was empty. Empty. No lab partner this year, great.

After five minutes of the class I pulled out a book and started reading, Today the book was 'hush hush' by Becca FitzaPatrick, tomorrow I'm considering reading 'The edge of never'. I'm at the part when Nora finds out patch is a fallen angel when all of a sudden a boy comes strolling into class catching absolutely no ones attention. People sure are ignorant these days. I was about to ignore him as well and get back to my book when I remembered that the seat beside me was the only one available. And the seating plan is permanent. I was thinking of a possible way to evaporate when I feel someones presence over my shoulder. Turning around, for the first time I see his piercing ocean blue eyes staring back at me. He reaches over and takes my book and starts reading. I felt bewildered for a moment and snapped back into reality realizing he's actually reading the goddamn book. 

I don't know what to do now, but considering we are lab partners, maybe he's just being friendly? 

I'm considering kickboxing him to get my book back but didn't want him to get the wrong impression when he notices me staring at him and returns the stare and slowly a foxy smile as well . We're both just staring not knowing who will speak first when all of a sudden I hear Mr.shitpants yelling. "Angelina and Alex If you aren't going to pay attention leave and come back tomorrow" he said in a husky, clogged up-old man kind of voice. Was this teacher expecting us to apologize so that we can stay or something because to be honest I don't mind leaving.

"well If Its okay with you I will" I said as I got up and started walking out the front door, Now everyone noticed me, Probably not in a good way but still. As I made my way to my corner under the stairwell to read my book I realized something. I left hush hush with that boy, what was his name Johnny? shit, now its either stay here and die from boredom or go back and humiliate myself in front of my class. My head hurts. I feel like the world never revolves around what I want and I can prove it from my past. I was supposed to start over but apparently life isn't a wish granting factory. tears started to trickle down my face and i realized at that moment that my life was fucked up after I fell in Love with him.

He broke me. Put me back together and shattered me again for another. 


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